I've gain weight again!

I know this is sound stupid but I'm fat again. I don't know why but sure enough I don't like it. Seems that I easily tired. And my waist are bigger now compare to last 2 weeks. Now my pants are fit around the waist.

I think the real culprit is the cake that they brought last 2 weeks. We only finished it after 3 day. Plus I was too greedy last week and eaten more that I should.

My face a bit rounder now. But not too much acne until I need to use Proactiv acne cream to battle them out.

Now I need to be on diet again. Maybe I should take lighter breakfast like I use to do before I realize that I am fat again. And skip lunch. My trick is, always eat something but not too much. And control those meat.

Anyway, here is a song that were sticking in my head from this morning until now.

Nothing rhyme by Gilbert O'Sullivan

If I give up the seat I've been saving
To some elderly lady or man
Am I being a good boy
Am I your pride and joy
Mother please if your pleased say I am

And if while in the course of my duty
I perform an unfortunate take
Would you punish me so, unbelievably so
Never again will I make that mistake

This feeling inside me could never deny me
The right to be wrong if I choose
And this pleasure I get
From say winning a bet
Is to lose

When I'm drinking my Bonaparte Shandy
Eating more than enough apple pies
Will I glance at my screen and see real human beings
Starve to death -
Right in front of my eyes

Nothing old, nothing new, nothing ventured
Nothing gained, nothing still-born or lost
Nothing further than proof nothing wilder than youth
Nothing older than time nothing sweeter than wine
Nothing physically, recklessly, hopelessly blind
Nothing I couldn't say
Nothing why 'cos today
Nothing rhymed

This song really touch me inside. Just read on the lyrics. Quite poetic but yet still touch the inner soul of me.

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Fara said...

Hrmmm..... I gained a bit of weight when I was in NZ. It was all about eat eat eat only there. Hard to lose, easy to gain. But I tried dancing and muscle toning. It's faster to lose weight. Oh! Swimming helps too. Otherwise, just skip dinner OR drink juice in Fressh at Citymall. ^^

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

I lost 5 kg! And struggling to maintain pulak. Yoyo bah this.