I just find out that...

my shop are very dirty. While i was sitting there this evening, I felt itchy and non stop scratching my skin and suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of the floor. It was full of dirt!

Now I understand why my staff got this skin infection. They just missed the important thing. THEY MUST VACUUM THE FLOOR!

Luckily I just bought a vacuum. Not Sebo vacuums but at least it is powerful enough as Sebo's. If this Sebo vacuums is available here in Sabah, I might get not only one, but two. One for the shop and one for my room.

Hey, my room needs vacuums too!

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Archie Chi said...

hehehe... I need a smaller vacuum for my room too.. so messy and a lot of lef over junk food as well as my own rubbish!!!

maslight said...

not only vacuum it..u need to spray it every now and then if it's carpet XD