A car has been stolen and yet the government still fookup!

My wife colleague car has been stolen at Menggatal yesterday afternoon. A police report has been made yesterday as soon as she realizes that her car has been stolen. The plate number is SAA3869A. The car has a yellow “Baby On Board” sticker on the rear window.

My mother complaint that few things have been stolen in front of our house such as her aluminum basin and some scrap metal that still can be used. The last case that we ever encounter is about 6 years ago.

This is the sign that thieves are rampant since the fuel hike and this will cause un-easy feeling for all of us.

And yet, the government still want to play, “You fook up my leadership, I will fook up your life by accusing you are butt fooker!”

I just fed up with this kind of attitude. So what the fook about the C4 case?

Malaysia is “fookup” country. I can say that I am ashamed that our leaders like to behave like kids inside the classroom.

The rich are getting richer and the poor will die slowly. Even now, I can get thin without any weight loss program just because I don’t have the budget to even eat my lunch!

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