But if you are talking about destruction..... (Revolution)

I've been monitoring all the political things that happen recently and I can say all things that have been out form the "perintah" mouth is all bullsh*t. Even the debate also bullsh*t (plus tons of FOAMS!).

"Strawbeery cheat" really lost the debate. He doesn't even know what he is talking about that night. Mumbling all through the night. Now I wonder where is he now. Maybe his boss (on the fourth floor) give him a holiday to Europe for a month.

The way they arrest DSAI also comical. I can sense that they are really scare, that their balls are rattling underneath their pants. Only if you are guilty, you can do some stupid things.

I just respect DSAI and RPK. They are the man. Also PI Bala.

Anyway, this songs are dedicated to all gomen. Revolution!

Stupid government!

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