Ancient technologies?

I've been fascinated by this lecture by Jason Martell. The way he deliver his lecture really convince me that we human are actually a product from alien. Not only his lecture convince me but also few of the evidents that show that todays human are actually rediscovering the long lost technologies.

Just as the case of the Baghdad Batteries, that actually an evidents that human already discover electricity long time ago. And that is why their handcrafted jewelry are really beautiful as they know how to platted silver with gold. Plus, that ancient civilization already know about DNA.

I'm talking about Sumerian civilization that were know as the earliest civilization ever known. They do have lots of secrets that only known to them. Even they also recorded a great flood that coincidently same as what we read from the Bible but the civilization are far more older than the Bible.

Part one.

Part two

Part three.

Coincident or already known?

Two question here, are we really from outer space? Who is Annunaki?

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

I always have this little argument with my own self about how ancient folks can achieve such feats. This is just the tip of the ice berg huh?

LeeJB said...

And me too. Maybe, the pyramid were build by alien after all... And the US government are trying to hide the facts from us. My former physic teacher from Sm Teknik Likas, Mr Roslee Kee, once said to us (a bunch of student who take revision class with him at night), "my theory is this, the good behavior human came from God (or alien), and the bad one are directly from Darwin Theory (ape revolution). And the most funny explaination by him is, Tuhantuhantu (hantu and tuhan being reverse). Funny eh...