When friend become enemy...

That is what happen when you are trying to get help to make things faster a bit then suddenly they become leech trying to suck all your hard earn income. Asking money without thinking that we also just like them, trying to earn some decent life.

We are just 'makan gaji' just like them but they still insist that they are not earn enough and not even think that we also just like them, not even earn enough to have some good life.

Even dare to say, "Saya tahu juga orang bukan suka kalau balik - balik datang minta 'pinjam' kan. Memang semua pun cakap, kawan jadi lawan. Jadi saya punya style satu urusan satu 'pinjam' lah." (I know that not all people like us to come and ask for 'loan'. All of them say that 'friend become enemy'. So, I just want to say that my style is, one problem, one 'loan'.) One problem, one 'loan' my foot!

You can give me all the excuses to suck my money but I can only give you three times. More than that, you better be careful. Go on and use that money to eat and make sure that you are fat until you have to get diet pill reviews to get the best price to tone down your fat waist!

This is what happen when bumiputera who is working in gov sector are sucking other bumiputera money in business world.

Let us see if you can sleep soundly at night! And please don't give excuses that your wife and both of your children are sick and need medical attention. That is too lame and you are involving your family into your sin and all the curses!

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

..looks like the day is a little bit intense.