Too much monkey business!

by The Beatles

That word describe to all the things that me and my wife have been through for the last two days. Too much monkey business!

Been to the A*****ce Bank at D*ngg*ng*n (spelling?) to activate our dormant account only to find that the officer are too fussy! Need this and that. But when my wife asking for a form from another staff there, the staff whisper to her, "Apa dia mau? (What she want from you?). My wife said, she want to re-activate the account. Then the staff said, "If you did ask me first, I can activate it for you without the things that she want. She is too cerewet (fussy)!" It is too obvious that she is fussy. Suppose that work should be done by her staff but she still want to interrupt their job.

Then to D*KK, even the spelling and words on signboard need to be inspected by D**** Bahasa Dan Pustaka officer that is located about 7 kilometer from D*KK head office! Maybe they only finish their primary 3 education. Too much monkey business!

Then this dealer fella. They just don't want to approve our dealership unless our signboard are up. Another monkey business!

Well I have to thanks my sister that she are brave enough to ask her boss to be our introducer at Public Bank. And luckily, Public Bank don't have this monkey business. Only disappointment that I get from Public Bank is that I still have not yet get my debit card. But I still can wait :)

So for those who still waiting for another clue, here they are. I was thinking that maybe this contest are hard indeed. The prize are not big though. Not enough to buy you a Las Vegas travel or anywhere.

They are using this number now! This number has been very famous nowadays!

Remember this?

And this?

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Edgar said...

Okay.. with all that clues I think I got it already.

Let's meet one day, I wanna know what business between you and that Big Yellow Toyol.

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

...still clueless. Blur bah sia ni.

LeeJB said...

Hehehe... Seems that we have the winner! Kay, I'm now dealing with the BIG Yellow Toyol that follow for those who pay their company for their services.

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

hah!! Tau sudah. He he.. that pesky yellow thingy. Cute though.