Do you want to know a secret?

(Silly me, I didn't read the whole description. Hope they can accept the last minutes changes without emailing them! Doh!)

Apart of the tiredness, I'm still happy since all the things went quite smoothly today. Been going around the town and getting the things that were needed for the business.

Not only that, we were assured that the butt-head gov person will never come back and asking for 'pinjam' anymore since we already know who is his boss (my wife cousin also an officer at the Gov sector).

Even we were short of cash to buy some of the necessary things, at least I already know the actual price of some item that normally being sold at exorbitant price. And that would be our company top secret :P

So both my technician and me went to Damai, Inanam and also Api-api Center all day shopping for parts. And we manage to flirt one sales girl each of the place that work at the dealer shop. Hehehe... Very naughty. At lest we do that so that we can have smooth buying next time. (Yes, my wife know about this too :P)

I just hope that our business will run smooth and can bring some relieve from this higher petrol prices that already show it's ugly head when we are eating outside. Old price for 'Soto Daging' is Rm3.50. Now, it is already Rm5.00! A glass of "Kit Chai Ping' were at Rm1.50 before the fuel hike, now it is RM2.00!

And most of all, I thank God for giving us an opportunity to run a business and be prosperous. Who know we might have good financial freedom and can start building family member plus having a family life insurance.

Edit: Due to the unpopular title for this post, this contest will be remove to another post. Anyone who reply on this post for the contest will never be entertain.

Today I will give a hint on what kind of business that we are doing now. I won't give a direct hint but just look at the picture and use your imagination. Here is the hint...

For those who can guess it right will get a Rm10 worth of prize!
(This prize will only applicable to Malaysian citizen. But if you are outside Malaysia and still stubborn to enter this contest, I will send USD3 to your PayPal account.
Eh! Doesn't it means that everyone can fly enter?)

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

I thought you were gonna talk about the Beatles singing the song...

LeeJB said...

Hehehe.... No lah. But maybe the title are not attractive. I will put up another post about this contest.