What a week!

I'm busy till I can't even update this blog. There is lots of things to blog about but I can't even spare 30 minutes to think about anything to blog. Even now, I'm suppose to be sleeping now.

My car just broke down and tomorrow I need to get up very early to bring the mechanic to have a look on the car. Something has burned ( I already identified one of the wire has been burned) and make all the car system paralyzed. No power to even start the engine.

I really need a break now. This work load has sapped my energy until there is a black ring around my eyes (indicating that I'm not getting enough sleep). And now, all that I want is to get a room with vinyl shutters to keep the sun shine from getting into the room while I sleep without waking up for 2 days!

I'm going to be busy until next week sunday! (God help me!)

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Archie said...

i have been thru these kind of dayss.. just be positive in everything and it will be fine!! :P

LeeJB said...

Thanks for your concern, archie. Lucky for me to get my sleep early last night. Now, my body is full of charge although my mind is still in slumber mood. It looks like this busyness will not end in near future. Unless, my boss hire another person to handle some of the workload that I'm bearing now. Off to work now ;P

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