Powered by AMD Athlon

It's cheaper and I can only afford this processor. Now it is faster than my previous computer and I can blog even faster (only if I don't have this blogging mental block!)

This baby run at 512MB!

And this is the full specification.
  • 4GB DDR2 RAM (2GB Kingston RAM and another 2Gb using Corsair RAM which is faster compare to Kingston)
  • Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 8600GT Graphic Card
  • Huntkey Casing (The front USB port are at the top position, which is useful for me since I'm using two portable hard drive)

Huntkey casing

Combine all this
This computer kick ass!

But these comes with a price to pay. A dead six month un-backup, discontinued, hard to get hard disk. It is not easy to find replacement for it like buying a new pocket watches.

I do have another hope. Only if I got someone that I know staying at Canada, I can ask him/her to get it online for me. IF ONLY I KNOW SOMEONE THERE! And sure enough, the hard disk cost a bomb!

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Mr. D aka Triple D said...

how much did all those components cost you?

LeeJB said...

Aprox... RM1700. Without monitor, keyboard and mouse.

StuckS said...

Lol, cool PC for gamerz..:D