My stomach giving me problems!

It's started at 9 pm soon after I finished my dinner. Then, my stomach begin to making some weird sound.

Around 10 pm, I start making rounds to toilet while outside the wind is howling and getting stronger. Then, cold sweating beginning to show. My stomach cramp and twisting inside. Just imagine the agony!

Then, I can't get any sleep. If I do fall asleep, my stomach will wake me up. Lucky me, my stomach do give me some early warning and I didn't soiled my bed. I can even record all the time that I went to the toilet. Twice every hour!

So here am I, resting after went to the doctor and get a day MC. Got 3 type of medicine and one of them is UltraCarbon : Charcoal. Yes it's looks like charcoal and taste like one.

Hope will get well soon since my work still piling up at my desk. I want to have a short holiday soon after this busyness ends and surely I will go have a shopping spree and Johnston and Murphy will be in my list.

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Jayce @ Pretty Girl said...

Get well soon o. =)

Gallivanter said...

Sorry for the unrelated comment, but....It's BACK! Come JOIN the SABAHAN BLOGGERS GATHERING if you haven't already! Please help to spread the word around. Thanks. :-)