So, have you drink lots today for kaamatan??

I didn't. Because I have to work.

But then, tonight, my family will celebrate my uncle birthday today. Everyone remember his birthday since his birthday fall on Kaamatan Day (Harvest Festival). Still, no drinking session tonight. Because not all my family relative can't attend the celebration since they already been drunk since yesterday and continue on till today...

Lots of food are now being prepared by my aunt's plus also my mum. Hope that I can resist the temptation from the food because if not, I have to find diet pills that work to drop my body mass!

I'm damn tired and I need to rest before they start the Birthday makan session. TTFN!

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Happy Kaamatan!

I know it's holiday today (and also tomorrow) but I still working for cari makan hehehe.... Even tomorow I still have to wake up very early. Maybe on Sunday I can have my rest.

For those who celebrate Kaamatan, I want to wish Happy Moginum and please drive carefully. Don't forget to get your life insurance quotes just in case of unfortunate event. Not "minta-minta" lah.

As for me, I don't drink for this event. Drinking is not a habit for me. I just drink occasionally. Only if someone get me a mug of beer if they belanja me.

I also have to apologies since my few latest post don't have any fancy photo to look at since I was fully occupied with work now. I'm tired to the maximum now.

p/s : I heard that Growball Cinema at Center Point Sabah are giving free tickets for selected movies. You have to get the tickets two hours before the movie started. Want free tickets? Go and get them.

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My real post

For the past two day, I can relax a bit since my big bos (father of my bos) and the bos is out to Korea for their travel incentive. See, if you joined us (our MLM company) and work very hard, you can get travel incentive apart of getting bonuses. Real nice huh...

My workmate are having aramiti at Tambunan now and I'm stuck at the office alone. Cuti for 1 week oh! Even have some poker session on a poker tables lagi woh (just kidding!!) Not really alone lah but still being accompany by two Sumandak from Keningau (my bos sisters).( Bah, jangan fikir yang bukan - bukan ahh....) Still my bos juga. But they can't stop eating lah. Sampai saya pun terikut makan all the junk food. Haya... Matailah....

The customers too are having some break for the Kaamatan Festival. They rarely can be seen now. So, I can have some break too lah.

I do bought, not one, but TWO Portable Sony Playstation (PSP) for the past 3 weeks. Not brand new lah but second hand. The reason why I bought two of the PSP is not intentional. The first one I bought it online from Cheap but got problem. I can't connect it to other PSP. So out of frustration, I bought another one from a shop at third floor Karamunsing (the one selling games related product). Funny things is, I manage to fix the problem of the first PSP by myself just after three days bought the second PSP and after I send it to a technician who said he can fix it but only to return it to me still with the same problem. Konon saja pandai.

The problem is, the PSP MAC address is not the right one as the software recognizes. After searching the fixer for about 24 hour (accumulated), I finally fix it. So the fixed one I give to my wife. So anyone out there got some PSP MAC Adress problem, you can ask me for help. Only if the things (fixer) works out smoothly lah.

So now, I want to cook something simple for dinner. Lapar ni sekarang.

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What if I have one million dollar?

I've got a long list just for that. Especially a house. I do have a dream about getting a house with a sea view. And that would be nice if the beach is clean and the sea is crystal clear. That would be a million dollar house.

Only if I got the money and I'm staying at United State lah. Why did I tell you this is because someone tell me that Wilmington real estate has a real good house with sea view.

Still in my dream lah. No harm dreaming bah!

*Hehehe, gotcha!

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Crystal Skull

Even though my work has been in full speed ahead (busy lah!), I manage to take some time to go cinema and watch this movie with my wife and her friend also not forgetting, my brother.

I can say the movie is good and bring some childhood memory back. As you know, those who born around 80'ies surely know who Indiana Jones is. Even we can easily recognize the movie theme without thinking twice.

I did some research about the movie and this is what I saw, "In 2000, Steven Spielberg's personal interest for another Indy film was ignited when his son asked when the remaining two Indy films would be released." Hmmm... So now we can expect another one lah.

So for those who still haven't watch it yet, you better be. If you got Blockbuster coupons, you should be glad.

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Easier said than done

This post is purely from my heart. I don't intend to flame or hurt anybody feeling. I just want to say what is in my mind.

I just can't understand why some people only know how to talk but no action in walking their talk. Or maybe it is their habit of saying something but didn't do it. But when they fail, they will blame it to their destiny. What I'm trying to say here is, doing business.

I've been in some business for quite long time ago and I have to admit it is a failure. But I'm just saying that, that is not the end of it. Maybe it is because my lack of time to manage and lack of experience to manage them. And the price tag for the lesson that I've learn is TWENTY THOUSAND RINGGIT. I'm talking about money that is purely from my father hard work. And that lesson still hunt me until today. Wasting money? Yes but the lesson that I've learn is just enough. Now, I'm working with someone company and "makan gaji" for about 3 years. Is that enough? No.

Now, the company that I'm working now is a Multi Level Marketing company (still the same company that I mention above) and believe it or not, I'm part of it. And I've already learn lots of thing from the company about business. Surrounded by people who success in their job and having a good life, surely, indirectly, you will learn something from them.

I've seen those who walk the talk and who just talk the walk. I admire those who walk the talk because I can see their success that they enjoy now. But for those who said, this is easy, but still whining about can't sell the product (talking the walk), you already know what happen to them.

Yes there are millions of motivational book that you can buy and read. Doing this, invest that, manage this, think positively about that.... etc... I've already read these books. Maybe we already can build a mini library just by buying and reading their book. But do we really do what they ask us to do?

Dreaming about getting a successful life is not a sin. I always said to my wife and my brother "Dari 'trip' lah semua buli dapat" (From dreaming about getting it can make it reality). But do us really try to make it reality?

A mansion started from a brick. And to build a business you must have the base, knowledge, money and time. Unless your family is rich then you have a good financial support. What if you don't have the money? Don't even have a single cent to spare to do the business? What will you do? Ask for loans? How easy is that to get a loan? Is it as easy like asking someone to 'belanja makan'?

Work from below. Start from scratch. That is the answer. That is, getting a steady job. Save money to kick start the business. Money won't grow out from tree. If they really do, you still have to find the seed and watch after the tree because since they DO grow money, someone going to steal it.

Stop saying that this business is easy. Go out and bring 7 people to the business presentation and ask them to join. If they do sign up, ask them to do EXACTLY what you do and buy seven unit of the product for each of them. If you do have 3 generation of downline within 1 month, then you "walk the talk". Or else, you just "talk the walk".

As for me, I don't say that business is easy. I'm still "makan gaji". But I didn't stop planning for other business. There are few businesses that are underway now. Even I've already got someone who wants to do it with me. I just don't say it out loud. Because I want to do the walk before I talk.

And after all, it's easier said than done.

*I want to get a new pair of kicker, mine already worn out after using them for about 2 straight year. Just imagine using them everyday and still surviving despite of all the abuse. How about Dansko? Hope can get them here in Sabah. Or else, I'll get it online from them and ask them to send it here. Hehehhe...

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My stomach giving me problems!

It's started at 9 pm soon after I finished my dinner. Then, my stomach begin to making some weird sound.

Around 10 pm, I start making rounds to toilet while outside the wind is howling and getting stronger. Then, cold sweating beginning to show. My stomach cramp and twisting inside. Just imagine the agony!

Then, I can't get any sleep. If I do fall asleep, my stomach will wake me up. Lucky me, my stomach do give me some early warning and I didn't soiled my bed. I can even record all the time that I went to the toilet. Twice every hour!

So here am I, resting after went to the doctor and get a day MC. Got 3 type of medicine and one of them is UltraCarbon : Charcoal. Yes it's looks like charcoal and taste like one.

Hope will get well soon since my work still piling up at my desk. I want to have a short holiday soon after this busyness ends and surely I will go have a shopping spree and Johnston and Murphy will be in my list.

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What a week!

I'm busy till I can't even update this blog. There is lots of things to blog about but I can't even spare 30 minutes to think about anything to blog. Even now, I'm suppose to be sleeping now.

My car just broke down and tomorrow I need to get up very early to bring the mechanic to have a look on the car. Something has burned ( I already identified one of the wire has been burned) and make all the car system paralyzed. No power to even start the engine.

I really need a break now. This work load has sapped my energy until there is a black ring around my eyes (indicating that I'm not getting enough sleep). And now, all that I want is to get a room with vinyl shutters to keep the sun shine from getting into the room while I sleep without waking up for 2 days!

I'm going to be busy until next week sunday! (God help me!)

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Powered by AMD Athlon

It's cheaper and I can only afford this processor. Now it is faster than my previous computer and I can blog even faster (only if I don't have this blogging mental block!)

This baby run at 512MB!

And this is the full specification.
  • 4GB DDR2 RAM (2GB Kingston RAM and another 2Gb using Corsair RAM which is faster compare to Kingston)
  • Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 8600GT Graphic Card
  • Huntkey Casing (The front USB port are at the top position, which is useful for me since I'm using two portable hard drive)

Huntkey casing

Combine all this
This computer kick ass!

But these comes with a price to pay. A dead six month un-backup, discontinued, hard to get hard disk. It is not easy to find replacement for it like buying a new pocket watches.

I do have another hope. Only if I got someone that I know staying at Canada, I can ask him/her to get it online for me. IF ONLY I KNOW SOMEONE THERE! And sure enough, the hard disk cost a bomb!

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Dr Mahathir Mohamad has just join bloggers bandwagon!

Seems like everyone want to be a bloggers nowadays. After being lambasted being accused that "Bloggers are monkeys and jobless", even our Ex-Prime Minister also got his own blog site.

Today is his first post. I wonder why he choose 1st May to lunch his blog. Maybe he like Labour Day?

He even use!

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