Wii would like to play!

I'm fat. Honestly, I'm overweight. I know, whining about not having time is just a lame excuses. My life is kind of a routine now. It went round and round and round everyday. Wake up, go to work, work, back from work, resting (and try to find some idea on what to blog), sleep, wake up, go to work bla bla bla...

So what can I do now is, try to find some entertainment that involve games and exercise. It is better be without having me preparing to go to the games such as futsal or badminton. I told you I don't have much time for that. So I get this.

Now, Wii will have some serious fun and work out!

I decided to buy this thing called Nintendo Wii just because at first, my wife want a game console so that she won't be bored while I'm leaving her alone for working overtime or disturbing me while I'm blogging. She want Sony PlayStation 3 that cost about Rm1800. The down side for PS3 is, the game are still in original format and that would be too expensive. And I know that if you want to get PS3, you have to be familiar to PS2 and the game that PS3 provide will make her bored (serious gila punya gamer ja yang faham kali tu). Even when I'm typing this post, she is playing it!

Since we both are overweight chubby, I researched at the internet what kind if game that can give us both the entertainment and some work out so that we don't have to switch to weight loss pills to get slimmer. So I found out that Wii will give us both!

I decided to get this Wii after 1 week of researching. I also though that if I buy PS3, Wii (pronounce WE) will be couch potato for the rest of Wii life. I got it for Rm1400 plus 6 free dvd games. I have to spend another RM400 for another set of Wii remote and nunchuck ( Don't know what is it? Just search it at Nintendo.com) so that Wii can play both (hehehe...)

The after effect was marvelous! Both Wii got aching muscle after playing for the first time!

This is the game that she are hooked up now...

Hooked! Real Motion Fishing

And I'm hooked at this thing.

Sport makes me sweat!

I better stop now. I'm still tired doing boxing, tennis and bowling a night straight.
(This is the reason why I didn't get the violin bass, Kay. Sudah jadi Wii sudah... :( )

See the clip below, funny fishing oh! Kartun kertas lagi ikan dia tu...

Get me on your email while Wii are working some 'sporty' post while 'Wii'ing!


Edgar said...

good choice picking up the wii. if u asked me, i just go for the wii, not even a doubt. why? wii sport boxing gives u a great workout.

congrats on your wii and welcome to the nintendo family.

LeeJB said...

Thanks, dude. I can tell you, I felt healthy now. No regret on buying it now.