Who says that I can't aim straight?

I will sacrifice my fishing 'quality time' tonight to post up lots of post that due to be posted.

Recently, during my trip at Genting Highland with my wife, we manage to discover that Genting Theme Park do have archery. It is not free though. You have to pay around RM30 to Rm80 depending on how much arrow that you need. More arrow means more money.

My wife didn't joined us because she want to take picture of us doing it for the first time. Oh, did I mention that my friend also join us during the trip? Yes, there are three of us.

Alphonso, the guy that stuck in Kuala Lumpur and still single and available. He is our close friend when we still active at Stella Maris Church, Tanjung Aru and I can say, he is our tour guide when ever we went to KL.

Here is some of the photo that my wife took during our 'aiming session'.

Alphonso were given instruction since both of us were still newbie in archery. Note that he is left handed.

Loading the arrow for the first time.

Aiming mode on! (Enemy sighted! Go and shoot their arse you fatso!)

"Come on fatso! The enemy is going away! Just release the arrow!"

I'm not the only one fatso there. Just look at this picture. Try find another super fatso there.

Archery stance!

And the result are...

Alphonso. Six out!

JoyBLee. 2 out!

Imagine the thrill! Our hands are still itchy just want to pull the string afterwards. How I wish that this kind of games are available in KK just like this one and cheaper. I can say this games are not so dangerous until you have to take individual health insurance just to play this games.

If you do know that KK do have archery range like this one and can be play just like this ( I mean, pay and play), please inform me.

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bengodomon said...

Why not ask the Sabah Archery Association? I think they have a range near the Sabah Printing Dept / Sabah Theological Seminary. In 2002, I was with the team of volunteers for archery for SUKMA IX, so I saw the best junior (and some of the best in the country too) local archers.

LeeJB said...

Hmm... Ya. Good idea. Will do that.