When you really have to change them...

My computer is about 4 years old now. When I first bought it, it was the most updated one and can even play almost every pc games around that time. During its heyday, everyone said that it is the fastest machine among my entire friends computer. But now, I have to replace it. 4 years ago! The price for it can even buy a brand new super sophisticated machine today!

So I have one in mind. Even I plan to get one now. This baby should have Gigabyte brand for the motherboard and equipped with 512MB of graphic card(also Gigabyte) so any games that I want to try won't be so much trouble for me to play.

The hard disk should not exceed 160GB since the backups will be hassle if the hard disk is too large. And not forgetting, since RAM are very cheap nowadays the machine should be running at 4GB RAM. Oh, I prefer AMD chip to be the brain for my machine rather than Intel since Intel are expensive and I can get more efficient processor from AMD.

All of this also should not exceed Rm2000 preferably if around Rm1600 range. This shall not include LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse or even speaker. I already have it and there is no reason to buy them again.

This is what happens if you know how to make a specification out of a budget. Just need to know the market price, the full specification of the things that you need to buy, compare it to other product and so on.

I do have some experience on building a computer set. This is the problem with people who know to assemble them. We tend to try finding cheaper alternative and want to get a full use out of the budget. This is because trying to find a good specification from the "pre-assemble" from the computer shop is not like shopping for a baby furniture. Baby furniture is WYSiWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get). You can't change the specification. Unless you can DIY (Do-it-yourself) to get what you need, there should be no problem.

So now I'm planning to sell out my old computer. Will throw in new keyboard and mouse too. Or maybe an ordinary monitor (brand new) will included with it. The price should not exceed Rm1000. It's better than refurbished one since I will offer a Pentium 4 2.4GHZ machine with 512MB DDR RAM.

Anyone interested?

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Next time I plan to build one, I'll get your expert opinion.

LeeJB said...

No problem, mate!