What do I do during my birthday?

Sorry for those who didn't get birthday invitations to my birthday party recently. Eh! Got birthday party meh? Hahaha... Gotca! I swear there will be no more birthday party from me unless any of you want to do it for me.

Anyway, as I promise, this is the pictures... Alamak, I am so not in the mood that day so there are only 3 picture available for the day. So that day I cook for everyone. Simple cooking only.

The Mighty Kuali. Hmmm... Sempat masak lagi! Want to see what did I fried?

A big fish. What type of fish, I don't know. Asal buli makan (as long can be eaten). I find out that here (I don't know which part, Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. What I know only is the place is called Subang. 'Not so' nearby Summit Hotel.) the fish are not fresh unlike KK where you can find fresh fish everyday.

Frying anchovies. Now I know my sister in law didn't like to eat them fried! Just look at the picture below for the reason.

Mat salleh man! Sebab tu lah! Benjamin Lee and his daughter, Ally.

Sorry, that is all of the photo that I take during I'm cooking. I'm serious when I'm in chef mood and I was so hungry at that time.

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