The story behind the name -> twistedfinger...

I always fancy this name. I even tempted to register the bane as my own trademark. How did I came out with this name?

It was 10 years ago when internet is a major hit to all of us (for my age on that time lah) so every one started to get a nick name. I'm not so lucky in getting my hands on a computer as early as my 'rich' friends so actually I didn't understand what is the meaning of 'nick name' by that time. I only know it when somebody ask me if i have an email. Even 'email' is alien to me.

So what I did was, I try to think some fancy name since they got really fancy nicknames such as cleo83, liqu1dsnak3, spikyhead etc etc... I look at my hands and (since I'm really into guitar at that time) I twisted it. So there it goes... twistedfinger. I registered my first email using the so called 'nickname' at I keep using it for about 2 years until one day, some one hack into it and hijack it until now. I even emailed the Hotmail staff to get back the email but they want lots of evident. So until now, the account still hijacked by that bastard. I use it when MIRC are still hot. I use it as my character name in any games. I even use it as part of my, now, defunct company name (I still using the email address) that is Twisted Creative Design S/B.

I still using it now. Some even recognize me as twistedfinger. I did try to research if any other person using this name but what I found out is twistedfinger is a name to a diseased related to gout to the hand. Ayo! LOL.

In other news, I make another blog yesterday. I did it because I want to maximized my earning. I have not yet decided what kind of blog it will be. Maybe, in a few month, it will decided what type of blog it will be.

Lucky me are still available so I jump into the opportunity and have myself the name.

So, do you have any nicknames that you still use it until now? If so, tell me about it.

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