Public Bank Debit card

I just received it yesterday ever since I apply it for quite sometimes. Upon receiving it, I was surprised that my name was printed on it, not like other bank that give similar services but they didn't print your name on it. Maybe they just do it since you will receive it instantly. If you apply for Public Bank Debit card, it will take about 4 weeks. They treat your application just the same as applying credit card, and that is a good thing.

The different between credit card and debit card is the amount that you can spend. As with credit card, you can spend within the card limit. It depends on how much that your bank will give credit to you. Some can be as low as Rm5k and can be up to Rm30k. This also depends on what kind of credit card you have. For an example, Platinum Card have higher credit limit than Gold Card. In other words, you have to be very rich to get this Platinum card. (Pstt.. I heard that there is no limit for this card)

Public Bank Gold Credit Card

Platinum Card. Get this and get more benefits!

For Debit cards, the only limit for your spending is the total amount that still available in your bank account. This is a good way to limit your spending. So in this way, you won't fall into credit trap. More over, if you do have account at PayPal, you can withdraw your money there to your debit card. For this, you will need Visa card and I recommend you to get Public Bank Debit card. Just go to your nearest Public Bank Branch, fill up the form, submit it, and wait. Or you can apply it online. Unlike other debit card, Public Bank will issue a statement for you every month!

I'm quite happy when I received the card yesterday but it was short lived. Even though that I did received the card, but the address that was printed on the letter (Public Bank HQ at Kuala Lumpur will send the card to your selected bank) was directly to my house. For 25 years that I lived at the house, not even one letter ever arrived there. Since the pin code was send separated from the card, I'm very sure that the letter will never arrive.

So this morning, I went back to Public Bank, Center Point branch to ask them about this problem. They said, they are very sure that the pin code will be sent to the same address that has been printed on the envelope that I received with the card.

So, like usual, fill up form to change the address. The lady said to me, she will monitor the mailing address changes and ask me to return back next week to have it verified. If it doesn't change or the pin code didn't arrive, she has to cancel the card and issued another one for me.

I just started to dream about getting a wine racks, now have to wait again. *Sigh~*

Errr. I also got this one, can it be called platinum card since the color is same? Hehehhe...

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pinolobu said...

Hi, you might want to my blog post about the world's most exclusive credit cards:

LeeJB said...

Wow, I've read that and sure you have to be billionaire to get one!

Gallivanter said...

This is totally off topic...but did you know that there's a Sabahan Bloggers Gathering in August?

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:-) Hope to see you there! Please help spread the word around. Thanks!

E-Tavasi said...

no...why me take 6 week but not yet have receive any :(

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Si Gallivanter is everywhere man!

LeeJB said...

Gallivanter: Yup, I know about it. Am planning to make myself free that day.

Kay: Ya, he hunt down my head. Just like our ancestor do. Hehehe... Gallivanter, the Hunter of Sabahan Bloggers Head.

LeeJB said...

e-tavasi: I have to go back to the branch where I submit my application and query about it. Maybe you should do that too.