My wife dream...

She always want to own a business. We even tried to open a computer services and an advertising company. Unfortunately, we have to close it down because of some problem between us and our partner.

She has a friends who own a mini bus 6 year ago. Operating from Penampang to KK back and forth, now her friend are quite success in doing it and can even afford a 4WD vehicle for his own.

Not that we ever tried to purchase a bus to start a new business. Her friend even give her information if someone are selling bus. We do have a chance to get a bus last 2 year but as you know, the financial are not strong enough for us.

We are now starting to save so that in the future, who know, some one will tell us about someone has a bus for sale, we might have the opportunity to get some decent life and not only "makan gaji" for the rest of our life...

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