My car are getting sick...

And the worst part of it, both of the cars is sick. One is the Perodua Kancil and the other is Proton Iswara. They need urgent medical checkups and few new spare parts. Aiseh, medical checkups and blood transfusion (I mean changing motor oil) means another money flies from my wallet.

Just recently, I spend about RM600 for my Kancil because the aircond pump and both the cooling coil, inside the dashboard and on the engine bay, kaput! The problem is, the aircond pump already dead on the inside but still pumping the bits from the inside (some broken ball bearing plus the corroded parts) to the whole cooling system. No wonder the car is hot when I drive it!

Then come another urgent matter, the Iswara absorber, both front and rear needed to be change since the recently installed engine is heavier that the previous one. The front tires already bald on the outer side of the face. That means the absorber can't take any longer of the engine weight. So another money tarabang (flies).

Wouldn't it be nice if some online car insurance can cover it. Eh, where got car insurance cover it! The driver have to bear all the expenses. Hahaha....

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