Mission Impossible : Discontinue Hard Disk Replacement

I have been through a long and winding journey trying to find a replacement that can revive my dead hard disk. I have to say that the journey isn’t going to be a good one.

I can say it is has long been forgotten type of hard disk and it won't be easily found.

I did send an email to Seagate Company but their reply is

Dear Joy Bernard,

Good day!

Unfortunately Seagate don't supply component parts for HDD. If you have a faulty components part we can just replace the entire HDD.
I only can keep my finger crossed since they give me another option by saying,
Kindly contact our distributor in Malaysia (below) if they still have some
stocks for the drive you are looking for.
And leave not only one but three contact number!
Achieva Technology Sdn Bhd - 603-7955-1768
Ingram Micro Australia Pty - 603-7625-1138
M-Link System (M) Sdn Bhd - 603-7728-9003
And that giving me some hope for getting my important file inside the dead hard disk. It is not that easy like trying to find some dell memory that still keep their old parts all around the world.

This journey shall continue.

p/s: Jefferi, I did go and have a look at Yu Sang, Kepayan. True to your word, they still keep some old computer parts but unfortunately, they didn't have any hard disk that I'm looking for. And lots of their ware are very expensive. They still sell it at the same price of 3 years ago!

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Poor guy. I'm sure there are lots of important stuff in your hard disk..

LeeJB said...

Just imagine 6 month without backups. Plus some of the work related stuff. I think I'm going to lose my mind.