List of the things that I bought from my previous holiday

Not much. A few t-shirt, some underwear and 4 sets of stockings. :P I can't spend so much while my wife are not there with me since we still have lots of places to go. Lots of places to go means I have to tied up my hand before I go to shopping spree. I have to admit that when comes to shopping, I can be a big spender or betul-betul kedekut (stingy). So to avoid that, I have to say to myself "I have to wait her to be here before I decided to shop anything" every time I have the urge to spend money (super kedekut mode 'on'). But that is not include when I'm hungry lah.

Even though I say that I didn't buy anything, it doesn't mean that I didn't buy anything. I did buy a Bluetooth headset for myself while I'm window shopping at Low Yat Plaza for RM95. Almost bought a laptop cooler for my wife laptop there but I have to restrained my self since the cooler is heavy and can't fit to the bag. I wanted to take the picture of it but the headset are to o small to be taken using my phone camera right now. But if you don't have the idea on how the headset looks like, here is one example.

Jabra bluetooth headset. I almost bought this one but it is too expensive. Around Rm300++.

Right here in KK, you also can get one if you know the right place to find it. I found one at Wawasan Plaza at one of the computer shop there. The price is much more cheaper than what I find in Low Yat. It is around Rm115 or less. I can't remember the brand though.

Now I can listen to my mp3 while I'm driving around town, plus, when someone call, I'm in hands free mode!

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