Last day of my trip

So the last day during the trip, I did meet with the winner of Blast Off : Season 3. Aunty Mable. No, I didn't take any picture with them because I was exhausted and I miss KK too much already. I did greet them while they are practicing their songs while I was at my in-laws studio at Subang.

But I manage to snap this little fella.

It may look like bomb, but if you hang it at the ceiling, you can mistaken it for a chandeliers :P

The lead guitarist is related to my in law, in fact he is my wife nephew.

Emmanuel Lim, the lead guitarist elder brother. Don't let the bald head fools you. He is my hackers sifu! And while I was snapping this picture, we were discussing on how he can decode the WEP password. He even give me tools to explore the methods that he use. Oh by the way, he is married. Hehehe... That is his first son.

This is the few last picture in my memory card. Ally was blinded from the flash. That's why she closed her eyes. The lady in black t-shirt is my wife sister, Olivia. The guy in red is Emmanuel first brother, Maximillan.

We are very disappointed with AirAsia this time. They send us an sms telling us that our flight has been change from 7.30 pm to 10.40 pm at afternoon before our flight. So we did arrange our time to drive there at 6.30 pm so we won't be so early at the airport. But what happen is, when we are going in the car at 6.15 pm, Olivia received another sms saying that the flight has been reinstated back to 7.30 pm. WTF?

Driving to LCCT from Subang will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes! Franticly called their customer service center but nobody answer the call for 30 minutes. When they finally answer my call (that is after 6-7 times trying!), they almost get yelled by me. Luckily they said that I can catch another flight without any fees. There is another story at the airport. The guy who suppose to give us seats for the next flight almost forgot about us until I waive my itinerary paper at his face! All of our express boarding fees are canceled. So no more being the first group to board the plane. This is how Tony get rich huh?

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