I'm the most brilliant man in the world (in a sarcastic way of saying)!

I just fried a hard disk! WTF!! With all the critical data inside! WTF!!!

Thanks for my genius brain for not backing it up before attempting something that I did know or ever do in my life!

Even after few whisper asking to 'back up' that keep on repeating in my head, I still with my egoistic moron stupid excitement, keep on frying the hard disk!

Now I'm resorting to freezing the hard disk trying to get, if can, a single folder called "MY DOCUMENT"!

I don't know should I kill myself or commit suicide. I guess both of it are the same.

As usual, it's

Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

..and what was it you were trying to do?

LeeJB said...

I'm just trying to convert the hard disk from ide to SATA with a piece of *&%$ that cost Rm29. Freezing it so that I can run to get my file. Result : DISASTER.

Jefferi said...

waa.. scary la.. man. u do some experimental thing with your working hard disk ka.. O.o


LeeJB said...

Jefferi : Ya. What an idiot of me.