If you are into scale model, you must have this.

One of the things that I really needs for my scale model job is a table lamp. I need it because I need stronger light source so that I can see any imperfection on the scale plane. Plus I need to glue it so perfect so that I don't have to re-do it back. Once you didn't get it right at the first time, the probable that you will damage the kit, is 95%. So this is what I get for my hobby.

Price about RM95 (USD31)

And now, let there be light!

And the most good about it, it has a big magnifier built on it.

Good if you are like me. Pakai spek mata!

It was so multipurpose until one day I use it as my reading magnifiers.

Now, did I prove in this post that my hobby are some kind of expensive hobby?

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Shemah said...

Wow.. that's a pretty cool thingamajig u have there! Reminds me of the dentist, though.. :) But still cool!!

Thanks for dropping by, ya? ;)

maslight said...

Wow, neat stuff, i wan one of those thinggies! XD