How many times are you take shower in a day?

I have to admit, I take shower, if possible, 4 to 5 times a day. The first one is when I wake up at the morning. Some of my friend are surprise that I wake up and go to bath straight since they know Chinese are known to not taking shower or bath early in the morning. Even though I'm half Chinese and born in the year of the PIG (not boar lol) I love taking bath. (Ha! Don't start to think dirty ah!).

If I'm at home all day, I may go to shower in 3 hours interval. At day time, my room can get humid and hot so I really need to cool down my body temperature also because I sweat a lot.

I do know some of you have shower chairs in the bath room but I like to take shower standing. I also like to shampooed my hair every time I take shower and my wife find it weird. Ya lah, every week have to buy shampoo. Mana tahan? So to solve this, I always buy a family size even though only two of us using it.

Did you have any weird behavior like me? Tell me.

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