Help wanted from fellow bloggers

I guess this is will be my first time trying to get help from my fellow bloggers.

I need a specific hard disk so that I can scavenge the hard disk circuit board in attempt to revive my recent dead one.

The detail as below.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.7
Model : ST3120022A
S/N : 4JT0B7Y6
P/N : 9W2002-314
HDA P/N : 100316340
Config : D5B - 03
Firmware : 8.01

I'm willing to pay if you are willing to part with your hard disk. Will be grateful if someone can lend me the board.

Part than paying, I also willing to trade a brand new hard disk with the one stated above.

I've been trying to search this particular hard disk whole KK but they said it's been discontinued already.

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Jefferi said...

try go to yu sang kepayan. they do keep some unsold hard disk. thou i bet it will be expensive la..

LeeJB said...

Thanks for the tips, Jefferi. Expensive pun ok lah. Some of the un-backup picture that I take are still inside the hard disk though. Asking for data retrieval service will be much more expensive than trying to find a same hard disk.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi! I got one 40gb Seagate Barracuda. Don't known if any help to u! Good luck & have a nice day!

wel said...

kenapa mesti mau yg ni...120 masi ATA 7200rpm jg...ada apa yg special ka ni..mungkin kalo recon byk jg tu..hehe..tell more info maybe i can help u out..

LeeJB said...

wel: Terima kasih sbb offer mau tulung hehehh... Sia mau ni hd sbb sia mo kasi revive sia punya hd yg rusak. Dia punya board burn suda. So sia mo cari replacement. Mesti exactly lah. Sbb sia suda try lain punya hd. Contoh, 60GB. Inda buli run. So mesti cari yg exact juga. So kalau dapat tulung sia, sia belanja makan :)