The Forbidden Kingdom review...

If you planned to watch any movie this weekend (or maybe today), then, I really recommend The Forbidden Kingdom.

The fighting scene is very, very exhilarating! This is a chance where you can see Jet Li and Jackie Chan fighting to each other. I don't want to give another hint about the movie. YOU GOTTA SEE THEM YOURSELF! It is funny, exciting and even can brings you to tears too.

I can say that this movie is much more better than Pirates of the royal caribbean... ops... Of The Caribbean.

I give 10 star out of 5 for this The Forbidden Kingdom!

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

So hows the ending like? :P

LeeJB said...

Errr.... The heroes died. Hahaha.. Nahhh... you have to watch it lah, bro. Jacky Chan vs Jet Li, they are damn nice, man.