Canon EFS 18-55mm EOS 300D 350D 400D

My lucky bastard brothers won this lens few weeks ago and ask me to pay for it. Now you know where all my PayPal moolah goes. This little things cost about RM2000 and he got it for a fraction of the total selling price.

And today, the lucky lens arrives in the midst of my busy day. Luckily, the cleaner lady saw the postman came in to the office.

The bomb parcel lens parcel direct from Afghanistan UK.

Item release! Lucky me. This parcel looks like a bomb!

Very tight wrapping and very hard to open, which is a good sign!

Canon? I thought it was for Sony Alpha?

Hmm... Got coffee stain.

I know it is un-holy to take a picture of a good lens with a lowly phone camera. To hell with it, I've got only 1 and 1/2 hour to get ready for the "workshop" here in my office. A horde of people will "serbu" my office and make big mess afterwards.

Pstttt... I'm planning to escape this by doing some outside work(aka service job) ;)

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Edgar said...

all those lenses for what?!

sell to me lar.. i'm getting a DSLR soon

LeeJB said...

Hmmm... Can't give you any answer now. Have not yet try it out on the Sony Alpha.