My Tribute : Sunny side of the street

My tribute for the Sunny (and hot) day for the few days. (It's windy out there already)

Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worry at the doorstep
Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street
Can't you hear that pitter pat and that happy tune is your step
Life can be so sweet on the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade with those blues on parade
But I'm not afraid 'cause this rover, crossed over

If I never had a cent I'll be as rich as Rockfeller
Gold dust at my feet on the sunny side of the street

With those blues on parade
Because this rover, it crossed over

If I never had a cent I'll be as loaded as old Rockfeller
With that gold dust 'round my feet
On the sunny side of the street
On the side, at that side of the street that is sunny

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Canon EFS 18-55mm EOS 300D 350D 400D

My lucky bastard brothers won this lens few weeks ago and ask me to pay for it. Now you know where all my PayPal moolah goes. This little things cost about RM2000 and he got it for a fraction of the total selling price.

And today, the lucky lens arrives in the midst of my busy day. Luckily, the cleaner lady saw the postman came in to the office.

The bomb parcel lens parcel direct from Afghanistan UK.

Item release! Lucky me. This parcel looks like a bomb!

Very tight wrapping and very hard to open, which is a good sign!

Canon? I thought it was for Sony Alpha?

Hmm... Got coffee stain.

I know it is un-holy to take a picture of a good lens with a lowly phone camera. To hell with it, I've got only 1 and 1/2 hour to get ready for the "workshop" here in my office. A horde of people will "serbu" my office and make big mess afterwards.

Pstttt... I'm planning to escape this by doing some outside work(aka service job) ;)

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Mission Impossible : Discontinue Hard Disk Replacement

I have been through a long and winding journey trying to find a replacement that can revive my dead hard disk. I have to say that the journey isn’t going to be a good one.

I can say it is has long been forgotten type of hard disk and it won't be easily found.

I did send an email to Seagate Company but their reply is

Dear Joy Bernard,

Good day!

Unfortunately Seagate don't supply component parts for HDD. If you have a faulty components part we can just replace the entire HDD.
I only can keep my finger crossed since they give me another option by saying,
Kindly contact our distributor in Malaysia (below) if they still have some
stocks for the drive you are looking for.
And leave not only one but three contact number!
Achieva Technology Sdn Bhd - 603-7955-1768
Ingram Micro Australia Pty - 603-7625-1138
M-Link System (M) Sdn Bhd - 603-7728-9003
And that giving me some hope for getting my important file inside the dead hard disk. It is not that easy like trying to find some dell memory that still keep their old parts all around the world.

This journey shall continue.

p/s: Jefferi, I did go and have a look at Yu Sang, Kepayan. True to your word, they still keep some old computer parts but unfortunately, they didn't have any hard disk that I'm looking for. And lots of their ware are very expensive. They still sell it at the same price of 3 years ago!

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Help wanted from fellow bloggers

I guess this is will be my first time trying to get help from my fellow bloggers.

I need a specific hard disk so that I can scavenge the hard disk circuit board in attempt to revive my recent dead one.

The detail as below.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.7
Model : ST3120022A
S/N : 4JT0B7Y6
P/N : 9W2002-314
HDA P/N : 100316340
Config : D5B - 03
Firmware : 8.01

I'm willing to pay if you are willing to part with your hard disk. Will be grateful if someone can lend me the board.

Part than paying, I also willing to trade a brand new hard disk with the one stated above.

I've been trying to search this particular hard disk whole KK but they said it's been discontinued already.

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Time of death : 0020
Cause of death : Negligences while putting as 'alien' organ of another computer.. Extreme temperature. Cold sweating during CPR.

"I told you, BACK UP!!!"

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I'm the most brilliant man in the world (in a sarcastic way of saying)!

I just fried a hard disk! WTF!! With all the critical data inside! WTF!!!

Thanks for my genius brain for not backing it up before attempting something that I did know or ever do in my life!

Even after few whisper asking to 'back up' that keep on repeating in my head, I still with my egoistic moron stupid excitement, keep on frying the hard disk!

Now I'm resorting to freezing the hard disk trying to get, if can, a single folder called "MY DOCUMENT"!

I don't know should I kill myself or commit suicide. I guess both of it are the same.

As usual, it's

Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition

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My wife dream...

She always want to own a business. We even tried to open a computer services and an advertising company. Unfortunately, we have to close it down because of some problem between us and our partner.

She has a friends who own a mini bus 6 year ago. Operating from Penampang to KK back and forth, now her friend are quite success in doing it and can even afford a 4WD vehicle for his own.

Not that we ever tried to purchase a bus to start a new business. Her friend even give her information if someone are selling bus. We do have a chance to get a bus last 2 year but as you know, the financial are not strong enough for us.

We are now starting to save so that in the future, who know, some one will tell us about someone has a bus for sale, we might have the opportunity to get some decent life and not only "makan gaji" for the rest of our life...

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Another joke: What if P. Ramlee was a sabahan...

and shot his comedy movie in Sabahan slang? You have to see this!

* This is for jokes purposes only.
Not I want to destroy the sentimental value of the movie.
Credit for the unknown voices and who put the effort to make the re-voicing.

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Picture of the day

Do you still remember your first love letter that you wrote for your crush when you are still in primary school? I don't write one can't remember if I ever wrote one but I do know the thrill when your crush wrote one for you. I have to admit I do receive some. Coz when I was in Primary 6, I was the top below 20 person who are the most handsome cute and chubby in the class. That is before I grow up to an adolescent and need a serious natural acne treatments. I swear I almost look like P. Ramlee!

But, what if your class teacher found out about the secret letter? Or if your crush rival sabotage you and give the letter to your class teacher?

I bet that will be the day that you will remember. Reason why....


Imagine the embarrassment!

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When you really have to change them...

My computer is about 4 years old now. When I first bought it, it was the most updated one and can even play almost every pc games around that time. During its heyday, everyone said that it is the fastest machine among my entire friends computer. But now, I have to replace it. 4 years ago! The price for it can even buy a brand new super sophisticated machine today!

So I have one in mind. Even I plan to get one now. This baby should have Gigabyte brand for the motherboard and equipped with 512MB of graphic card(also Gigabyte) so any games that I want to try won't be so much trouble for me to play.

The hard disk should not exceed 160GB since the backups will be hassle if the hard disk is too large. And not forgetting, since RAM are very cheap nowadays the machine should be running at 4GB RAM. Oh, I prefer AMD chip to be the brain for my machine rather than Intel since Intel are expensive and I can get more efficient processor from AMD.

All of this also should not exceed Rm2000 preferably if around Rm1600 range. This shall not include LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse or even speaker. I already have it and there is no reason to buy them again.

This is what happens if you know how to make a specification out of a budget. Just need to know the market price, the full specification of the things that you need to buy, compare it to other product and so on.

I do have some experience on building a computer set. This is the problem with people who know to assemble them. We tend to try finding cheaper alternative and want to get a full use out of the budget. This is because trying to find a good specification from the "pre-assemble" from the computer shop is not like shopping for a baby furniture. Baby furniture is WYSiWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get). You can't change the specification. Unless you can DIY (Do-it-yourself) to get what you need, there should be no problem.

So now I'm planning to sell out my old computer. Will throw in new keyboard and mouse too. Or maybe an ordinary monitor (brand new) will included with it. The price should not exceed Rm1000. It's better than refurbished one since I will offer a Pentium 4 2.4GHZ machine with 512MB DDR RAM.

Anyone interested?

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The Forbidden Kingdom review...

If you planned to watch any movie this weekend (or maybe today), then, I really recommend The Forbidden Kingdom.

The fighting scene is very, very exhilarating! This is a chance where you can see Jet Li and Jackie Chan fighting to each other. I don't want to give another hint about the movie. YOU GOTTA SEE THEM YOURSELF! It is funny, exciting and even can brings you to tears too.

I can say that this movie is much more better than Pirates of the royal caribbean... ops... Of The Caribbean.

I give 10 star out of 5 for this The Forbidden Kingdom!

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Public Bank Debit card

I just received it yesterday ever since I apply it for quite sometimes. Upon receiving it, I was surprised that my name was printed on it, not like other bank that give similar services but they didn't print your name on it. Maybe they just do it since you will receive it instantly. If you apply for Public Bank Debit card, it will take about 4 weeks. They treat your application just the same as applying credit card, and that is a good thing.

The different between credit card and debit card is the amount that you can spend. As with credit card, you can spend within the card limit. It depends on how much that your bank will give credit to you. Some can be as low as Rm5k and can be up to Rm30k. This also depends on what kind of credit card you have. For an example, Platinum Card have higher credit limit than Gold Card. In other words, you have to be very rich to get this Platinum card. (Pstt.. I heard that there is no limit for this card)

Public Bank Gold Credit Card

Platinum Card. Get this and get more benefits!

For Debit cards, the only limit for your spending is the total amount that still available in your bank account. This is a good way to limit your spending. So in this way, you won't fall into credit trap. More over, if you do have account at PayPal, you can withdraw your money there to your debit card. For this, you will need Visa card and I recommend you to get Public Bank Debit card. Just go to your nearest Public Bank Branch, fill up the form, submit it, and wait. Or you can apply it online. Unlike other debit card, Public Bank will issue a statement for you every month!

I'm quite happy when I received the card yesterday but it was short lived. Even though that I did received the card, but the address that was printed on the letter (Public Bank HQ at Kuala Lumpur will send the card to your selected bank) was directly to my house. For 25 years that I lived at the house, not even one letter ever arrived there. Since the pin code was send separated from the card, I'm very sure that the letter will never arrive.

So this morning, I went back to Public Bank, Center Point branch to ask them about this problem. They said, they are very sure that the pin code will be sent to the same address that has been printed on the envelope that I received with the card.

So, like usual, fill up form to change the address. The lady said to me, she will monitor the mailing address changes and ask me to return back next week to have it verified. If it doesn't change or the pin code didn't arrive, she has to cancel the card and issued another one for me.

I just started to dream about getting a wine racks, now have to wait again. *Sigh~*

Errr. I also got this one, can it be called platinum card since the color is same? Hehehhe...

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If you are into scale model, you must have this.

One of the things that I really needs for my scale model job is a table lamp. I need it because I need stronger light source so that I can see any imperfection on the scale plane. Plus I need to glue it so perfect so that I don't have to re-do it back. Once you didn't get it right at the first time, the probable that you will damage the kit, is 95%. So this is what I get for my hobby.

Price about RM95 (USD31)

And now, let there be light!

And the most good about it, it has a big magnifier built on it.

Good if you are like me. Pakai spek mata!

It was so multipurpose until one day I use it as my reading magnifiers.

Now, did I prove in this post that my hobby are some kind of expensive hobby?

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My car are getting sick...

And the worst part of it, both of the cars is sick. One is the Perodua Kancil and the other is Proton Iswara. They need urgent medical checkups and few new spare parts. Aiseh, medical checkups and blood transfusion (I mean changing motor oil) means another money flies from my wallet.

Just recently, I spend about RM600 for my Kancil because the aircond pump and both the cooling coil, inside the dashboard and on the engine bay, kaput! The problem is, the aircond pump already dead on the inside but still pumping the bits from the inside (some broken ball bearing plus the corroded parts) to the whole cooling system. No wonder the car is hot when I drive it!

Then come another urgent matter, the Iswara absorber, both front and rear needed to be change since the recently installed engine is heavier that the previous one. The front tires already bald on the outer side of the face. That means the absorber can't take any longer of the engine weight. So another money tarabang (flies).

Wouldn't it be nice if some online car insurance can cover it. Eh, where got car insurance cover it! The driver have to bear all the expenses. Hahaha....

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Is it gonna be my first?

My friend discuss with me about getting a loan from Maybank for his ASB (Amanah Saham Bumiputera) last week. He say that he wanted to loan about Rm20k for a duration of 5 years. I think it is a good plan so I discuss it with my wife.

She say that she already discuss it to me but I didn't give her any reply. And that is last year! Alamak! Another big opportunity that I've already missed. Just imagine that if I did make that loan since last year, I might get RM4k this year.

So after that, this evening, she bring back the form and ask me to fill it up.

My friend did have a program that can estimate how much can we earn for 1 year up to a total 20 years of interest from the ASB. I wonder if I can commit myself into it. Ah, to hell with it. I surely will apply it. Who knows that in 10 years, I can get much more money than what I get today. I wonder if I can afford bridal lingerie for her kan. Hey, every night is the first night, right?

This post are sucks, huh. I just want you to attract you :P

Big boy dream come true?

Imagine if you are a fan of this band and you are in to scale model freak. What would you do if you find a scale model of the band?

Just look at the clip.

McFly - Room on the 3rd Floor.

Sure gonna be a dream come true!

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Wii would like to play!

I'm fat. Honestly, I'm overweight. I know, whining about not having time is just a lame excuses. My life is kind of a routine now. It went round and round and round everyday. Wake up, go to work, work, back from work, resting (and try to find some idea on what to blog), sleep, wake up, go to work bla bla bla...

So what can I do now is, try to find some entertainment that involve games and exercise. It is better be without having me preparing to go to the games such as futsal or badminton. I told you I don't have much time for that. So I get this.

Now, Wii will have some serious fun and work out!

I decided to buy this thing called Nintendo Wii just because at first, my wife want a game console so that she won't be bored while I'm leaving her alone for working overtime or disturbing me while I'm blogging. She want Sony PlayStation 3 that cost about Rm1800. The down side for PS3 is, the game are still in original format and that would be too expensive. And I know that if you want to get PS3, you have to be familiar to PS2 and the game that PS3 provide will make her bored (serious gila punya gamer ja yang faham kali tu). Even when I'm typing this post, she is playing it!

Since we both are overweight chubby, I researched at the internet what kind if game that can give us both the entertainment and some work out so that we don't have to switch to weight loss pills to get slimmer. So I found out that Wii will give us both!

I decided to get this Wii after 1 week of researching. I also though that if I buy PS3, Wii (pronounce WE) will be couch potato for the rest of Wii life. I got it for Rm1400 plus 6 free dvd games. I have to spend another RM400 for another set of Wii remote and nunchuck ( Don't know what is it? Just search it at so that Wii can play both (hehehe...)

The after effect was marvelous! Both Wii got aching muscle after playing for the first time!

This is the game that she are hooked up now...

Hooked! Real Motion Fishing

And I'm hooked at this thing.

Sport makes me sweat!

I better stop now. I'm still tired doing boxing, tennis and bowling a night straight.
(This is the reason why I didn't get the violin bass, Kay. Sudah jadi Wii sudah... :( )

See the clip below, funny fishing oh! Kartun kertas lagi ikan dia tu...

Get me on your email while Wii are working some 'sporty' post while 'Wii'ing!

If you can't get em, order em!

That is what I do when I didn't get what I want from my recent trip to KL. We did go some shopping around MidValley buying some t-shirt and couple of bed sheet. I just can't believe that when folks at Kuala Lumpur are having Sales Season, they really have great deals not like Kota Kinabalu. RM15 for a branded t-shirt? They even offer silk bedding at a crazy price! I do make some research around KK and what do I find? Same old t-shirt that they offer from the last Sales Season! &%$@#$!!!

So, when I did try to search for the thing that I want and I didn't get it here in KK, I order it!

Want to know what is it?

This things rock, baby!

  • AudioDNA™2 DSP Chip
  • 30 Tone and 30 Effects Libraries
  • 120 presets (60 factory, 60 user)
  • 89 total stompboxes, amps, cabinets, and effects
  • 20 Amps / 14 Cabinets
  • 55 Effects - Up to 11 at a time
  • Acoustic guitar emulator
  • Lexicon® Reverbs
  • Up to 5 seconds of delay time
  • 24-bit 44.1kHz sample rate
  • 60 High quality drum patterns
  • 2 x 2 USB audio streaming
  • USB editing via DigiTech X-Edit™
  • ¼” Instrument input
  • Independent ¼" Left and Right Outputs
  • Amp / Mixer switch to optimize outputs for amp or mixer
  • Stereo 1/8" headphone output
  • Stereo 1/8” Aux Input
  • 6-Character LED display
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • Durable die-cast chassis
  • Built-in expression pedal
  • Power supply included
Still warped in the plastic nicely.

The bad side is, I don't have any time to spend with this fella. Believe it or not, I get this baby early this month and I only get to know her only a few hours only. Poor little thing... Apart from the model airplane, some times, when I was driving and hearing some killer jazz guitar lick, I can hear all my guitar baby and ladies, screaming asking me to hold and "make love" with them!

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Big boys toys?

How I wish that I can afford a house right now. Now I'm complaining that my own room can't hold all the things that my wife and I are fancy about. And how I wish that I can afford one now. Even more better if I can afford Branson condos that really makes my black eyes, grey now! (Kelabu mata oh!) Why did I complain? Just look at this...

Oh, this one are just part of it...

This is what I'm talking about. MY UNBUILT MODEL AIRPLANE!!!

This things are taking up my room space now. These are only 1/3 from what I have. Not to mention that there are more inside 2 boxes and also stashed at my office. (Ops... Big boss are conducting some spot check now! Have to put them elsewhere!). See, even I have to put some at my office.

Let me show you how the things looks like when taken out from the box.

Still in the plastic, baby...

Plastic parts for the wheels and other smaller things.

The fuselage parts plus the propeller and the bomb.

The wings part.

Apart from the small room that I've been complaining now, I also want to blame myself for not having much time for my own and my wife now. That's why I didn't have the time to do all this aircraft models. I can hear them screaming, calling my name to finish them.

But I do have time to exercise now! Wanna know how I find time to exercise? Just stay tune...

(Want to know more about aircraft modeling? Just visit Swanny's Model to take a look.)

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How many times are you take shower in a day?

I have to admit, I take shower, if possible, 4 to 5 times a day. The first one is when I wake up at the morning. Some of my friend are surprise that I wake up and go to bath straight since they know Chinese are known to not taking shower or bath early in the morning. Even though I'm half Chinese and born in the year of the PIG (not boar lol) I love taking bath. (Ha! Don't start to think dirty ah!).

If I'm at home all day, I may go to shower in 3 hours interval. At day time, my room can get humid and hot so I really need to cool down my body temperature also because I sweat a lot.

I do know some of you have shower chairs in the bath room but I like to take shower standing. I also like to shampooed my hair every time I take shower and my wife find it weird. Ya lah, every week have to buy shampoo. Mana tahan? So to solve this, I always buy a family size even though only two of us using it.

Did you have any weird behavior like me? Tell me.

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Last day of my trip

So the last day during the trip, I did meet with the winner of Blast Off : Season 3. Aunty Mable. No, I didn't take any picture with them because I was exhausted and I miss KK too much already. I did greet them while they are practicing their songs while I was at my in-laws studio at Subang.

But I manage to snap this little fella.

It may look like bomb, but if you hang it at the ceiling, you can mistaken it for a chandeliers :P

The lead guitarist is related to my in law, in fact he is my wife nephew.

Emmanuel Lim, the lead guitarist elder brother. Don't let the bald head fools you. He is my hackers sifu! And while I was snapping this picture, we were discussing on how he can decode the WEP password. He even give me tools to explore the methods that he use. Oh by the way, he is married. Hehehe... That is his first son.

This is the few last picture in my memory card. Ally was blinded from the flash. That's why she closed her eyes. The lady in black t-shirt is my wife sister, Olivia. The guy in red is Emmanuel first brother, Maximillan.

We are very disappointed with AirAsia this time. They send us an sms telling us that our flight has been change from 7.30 pm to 10.40 pm at afternoon before our flight. So we did arrange our time to drive there at 6.30 pm so we won't be so early at the airport. But what happen is, when we are going in the car at 6.15 pm, Olivia received another sms saying that the flight has been reinstated back to 7.30 pm. WTF?

Driving to LCCT from Subang will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes! Franticly called their customer service center but nobody answer the call for 30 minutes. When they finally answer my call (that is after 6-7 times trying!), they almost get yelled by me. Luckily they said that I can catch another flight without any fees. There is another story at the airport. The guy who suppose to give us seats for the next flight almost forgot about us until I waive my itinerary paper at his face! All of our express boarding fees are canceled. So no more being the first group to board the plane. This is how Tony get rich huh?

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What do I do during my birthday?

Sorry for those who didn't get birthday invitations to my birthday party recently. Eh! Got birthday party meh? Hahaha... Gotca! I swear there will be no more birthday party from me unless any of you want to do it for me.

Anyway, as I promise, this is the pictures... Alamak, I am so not in the mood that day so there are only 3 picture available for the day. So that day I cook for everyone. Simple cooking only.

The Mighty Kuali. Hmmm... Sempat masak lagi! Want to see what did I fried?

A big fish. What type of fish, I don't know. Asal buli makan (as long can be eaten). I find out that here (I don't know which part, Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. What I know only is the place is called Subang. 'Not so' nearby Summit Hotel.) the fish are not fresh unlike KK where you can find fresh fish everyday.

Frying anchovies. Now I know my sister in law didn't like to eat them fried! Just look at the picture below for the reason.

Mat salleh man! Sebab tu lah! Benjamin Lee and his daughter, Ally.

Sorry, that is all of the photo that I take during I'm cooking. I'm serious when I'm in chef mood and I was so hungry at that time.

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