Yes, it is PR1 now!!!

I think what I do is right, I just have to wait for 2 month for Google to realize that my blog is not offending them anymore. Hope I won't get slapped with PR 0 again in the future.

Now, I'm relieve the PR already settled. I can blog without any more worry. Yet, another mystery that I still want to know. If I'm getting back my PR, why did Google de-indexed me from their search engine? It still buried deep inside their database.

Another one that I want to rectified is my Nuffnang advert. It doesn't show any advert since the day one that I installed them at my blog. No earning even a single cent. Maybe the relic of Advertlets still buried inside my blog? Entah lah....

Anyway, have a good day.... Happy Voting Day (kunun) hahahha.....

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Jayce said...

Link from higher PR site will help improve your site PR. :D
Let link exchange lo.