Trying to apply a house for my own

Just before my wife fly to Kuala Lumpur recently, she got an offer to apply a house under a government scheme. She called me to get my approval to apply the house. The house that she want is situated at Tuaran, Sabah. We were excited since we were inform that we can get a terrace house with monthly payment as low as Rm100 per month. Then, my imagination runs wild while I was still in KL. With lavish renovation to a garden with outdoor furniture to fill them.

Then, my imagination stop abruptly. My wife called back and said that the house are fully booked and we only can apply for apartment. Apartment?! No!!! I don't want to live in an apartment. That is beyond my imagination. Maybe, this time is not our luck. Arghhhhh... Terlepas lagi peluang.....

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