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Two more days to go and I'm gonna be a one week Kl folks. But then, I feel sad with my current office situation. I'm not gonna say or tell them to all of you out there but it is a SNAFU situation. SNAFU stand for Situation Normal : All F*cked Up. With all of this not being settled out, the problem will pop out it's ugly head when ever the big boss ask the ultimate question, "Why the sales are down?" soon after I come back to work. Well then, I'll be FUBAR then. (Google them for more info).

Well, last night Angel almost give me and my wife a heart attack. My wife feed Angel and give it water then took Angel out from the cage and Angel fly directly to me while I was laying at bed surfing the internet with the laptop. I pick Angel up and let it on my arms. After like 30 to 40 minutes, I ask my wife to put Angel back to the cage. After a while, Angel fly inside the cage like a mad bird! Trying to stand up but looks like Angel can't balance it's body well. Then I quickly take it out from the cage and held it on my hand. Seems like Angel is not well. I ask my wife to get some more water and force Angel to drink. My wife cried after seeing Angel closed it's eyes and I said maybe it is time.

But then, Angel spirit is still strong and still trying to get back on it's feet. Trying to fly franticly but still can't balance well. After battling like 1 hour, Angel are well again. I still don't know what happen to Angel last night but sure enough, Angel's spirit is still strong and this morning, Angel still chirping like usual waking me up and asking for food from me.

Angel is a big bird now. It's tail are 2 inch long now compare to the time when we first took it as a pet. Unfortunately, Angel got some infection on it's eyes and Angel is blind on the right eyes. I will post up Angel picture later.

Well, all of this are part of the thing that happen in my life recently. I want to tell all of it but I know I will bored you to death with all of it. Some of the other things that happen is, I still can't believe that BN has won Sabah, my wife laptop can't play Counter Strike anymore, I heard that EC didn't count the ballot at Papar, Keningau and Kuala Penyu properly. They counted the ballot at Coffee Shop and some of the ballot are hastily counted and they stop count after they know that opposition has win. I don't know if this story are true. If it is true then, how do we can rectified this? I guess, it is SNAFU again.

This is a must for my blog. After all, I want to upgrade this blog to wordpress :P
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