Should not blogging at this hour!

Don't blame the excitement, I just can't sleep well. I should have been sleeping now. It's goona be another 7 hour before my flight. Nah... I will go to sleep after this.

I've already packed my bag, laptop and camera for my another trip to KL. So I will be a mad man carrying 2 knapsack and 1 trolley beg. Hope everything will be smooth for me.

Anyway, I just make this excuse to post another blog because of something that I must say to you.

It is so urgent that i have to wake up in the middle of the night just to post this.

The truth is,



Dragon Ball cuma ada 7 biji bola. Bukan nya 8 biji.
(Dragon Ball has only seven balls and not eight balls!)


Hahahha... lame... Just for some info for someone out there that searching for HDMI cables, you might find them at their store. It is not as hard to search them like Dragon Ball. Visit them for more info. :D

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