PR1? - The mystery....

I still don't know what have I done to get this PR1 for this blog. I know I've been slapped with zero PR because I've been participating with PayPerPost things and Google didn't like it.

For the question that have been ask to me by Nick Phillips, what I did is, I just delete the code that PayPerPost provided to us to put inside our template html. Then I just delete all post with all Sp*ns*red (Replace the * with o) words. Why I did this is because, this is my guess only, Google bots will penalize your blog if they found out that you use this word on your blog. They will assume that you did participate with link selling. Not delete the post but only delete the word. But then if you want to be clean, just delete those offending post from your blog. Simple.

On how did I get back PR, it also amuse me. I swear that I has been DE-INDEX by Google because I can't even find my own domain at their search engine. Even after I type in, there is no result direct to my domain. Hope I won't fall into PR forger as what I've been reading through other blog that they have been accuse that they fake their PR. Doh!

There are some post about getting back PR that I read from Here is one of it. I learn a lot from

*Edited: This one also worth to read. Also got it from

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