No internet access at Theme Park Hotel

There is no internet access that I can use for blogging while I was there. But then this is some of the picture that I snap during my short stay there.

This one is the front view from the window. At night, the view was spectacular and I was tempted to take picture of it. The problem is, I didn't bring tripod. Even try to hold the camera steady with my hand but I still failed. So, no night picture.

The left side view from the window. Car park.

Far side of the front view. Chinese temple. Some say that they pray at this temple before they go gambling at the Genting Casino.

Right side view. Sign road.

We did go to casino on the night that we arrive. We lose Rm50 there :( Well, at least I tried :D

Actually, I manage to get a room there with their hotel deals that only can be reach at their website. The room is better than First World Hotel room that is only slightly cheaper than Theme Park Hotel. Their room (Theme Park Hotel) is carpeted and well decorated. Suitable for those who go there to enjoy their holiday instead of gambling. :P

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