It's good to be back again

Good Morning.

This is some update from me. I just check in another hotel called Capitol Hotel situated near Low Yat Plaza. Even though I can't get nice view from here, at least I get free internet access :P I'm still waiting for my friend to wake up before we go ronda-ronda KL again. So here is some photo. I didn't manage to take Petronas Twin Tower because I can't go the perfect spot for security reason (Security Guard cakap, mo ada access dari GM oh dia cakap. Temberang saja. Cakap ja bah kalau ko inda mo sia tangkap gambar.)

This is when I'm still at Berjaya Times Square Suite room. Messy!

This one during the event. The main reason why we are here. Celebrating the company 5th birthday.

Cutting cake ceremony. Kinda funny.

Outside, it was raining like cats and dogs. Yesterday and today, the weather are just perfect.

Smart tunnel.

This is where I'm blogging now.

Told you there is no fancy view from here.

My wife laptop and my morning tea.

This one for my 'kecewa' brother who didn't manage to persuade my father to admit him to this college. Nampak gambar pun boleh lah kan hehehheh.....

Segi College bebeh!

Ok, time to wake up my friend now. Want to go KLCC today.
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Joey Ronald John Lee said...

YEA!!!!! GITU LA AH!!! kasi jeles kin panas!!!!