I'm lost...

I can't do anything or plan anything now since I'm so lost here in KL. Not saying that I lost my way but I lost my sense of timing and my planning ability. I don't know why,, or it is just because I missed my wife. I will staying around Bukit Bintang for the next few days but then my budget will be off the track. For sure, I'm lost. Funny.

I didn't manage to take photo of Kl in this few days. My shoulder hurts lots so I can't bear to carry the camera bag that weigh about 3.5kg ( I did weigh it at Terminal 2 KK before I board the plane). Still hurt since 1 week ago.

I planned to go to KLCC tomorrow since I have not yet been to that place even though I been here for many times before.

I still have to catch my sleep now. My friend have been transforming to a tiger and a bear every night. Snoring like hell! As I say in the last post, I'm
really resembling like a drug addict that really need to be admitted to a drug rehab immediately. Enough typing, I'm off to bed now. (I'm so tired that I'm talking nonsense now ;P)

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Kay Kastum said...

Ai oh sudah sampai.
Bah gimme a call mate. Maybe we can catch up soon.