Desperate student

Have you been so desperate to answer to all of the question in the exam? I did once. The answer similar to those below.

Clearly this student are clever enough in expanding equation. See below.

I've done this one too. Since my class Add maths teacher change four times in two years, so this is the result.

This one is the result of too much movie.

Artistic view got in the way. Hahahha...

Now he can identify Bruce Wayne is actually Batman by using calculus!

The picture says it. This fella is a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

This one are the great one. Hope the desperate student still alive.

Very funny!

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Joey Ronald John Lee said...

LOL terasa nie. Dulu masa form 5 pun buat macam nie XP terus maths tidak pernah lulus sampai SPM itu pun setakat PASS jak.

Kay kastum said...

For my SPM examinations, I just filled up my 'Angka Giliran' draw some cartoons to waste some 15 minutes then balik tidur...

LeeJB said...

Hehhehe... Even worst, we ikut advise cikgu kami. Fill it up with the formula ja. So formula pun main hantam. But basicly, all at above tu sia pernah try buat hehehehhe. Cikgu yang periksa pun sampai buli kasi denda kami balik... hahahaha