Cheap LCD TV

This afternoon, my wife and I went to Karamunsing to survey for a guitar effect since I didn't buy the guitar effect that Kay Kastum recommend me to buy. Sorry Kay. I should bought it before I get back to KK but then, my plan gone off course and I didn't get the time to go back to Bentley. Betul-betul regret lah.

While we were there, my wife spot an LCD TV that really got an attractive price. I'm not sure how big it is but I'm very sure it's quite big enough for our room. The price is around RM2600 - Rm2900. Since she is trying to pujuk me to buy her PlayStation 3 recently, she is dreaming to play them with this gigantic ( I only exaggerating the size :P) LCD TV. Well, when you buying this LCD TV, not only that you have to get tv mount for it, you also have to get HDMI cables if the TV required it and your budget will also gone off course. As you expected, I have to say no.

Oh, by the way Kay, I did ask my friend to buy the Digitech Guitar Effect and send it to me. Hehehhe....

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