Another holiday for me?

Okay, this one is a serious post. After going for a holiday that ended yesterday, I am planning for another holiday near future. This time really well planned one. I didn't satisfied with my visit to Genting recently. It's three of us and the time is too short for us there. We didn't manage to ride the roller coaster or the Space Shot. We only manage to take the "monorail" ride that is not thrill us as much as the roller coaster.

My friend chicken out ofter seeing this.

Also didn't dare to ride on this. Haya.......

The only thing that satisfied me is, I manage to visit Ripley's Believe It or Not gallery back. This time I did explore to all of the things that have been exhibit there. At least worth my money to go there. Maybe next time I go holiday with my wife. we will take travel insurance so if any problem should we encounter there, we would be protected.

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