1st Anniversary of my blog

I totally forgot about this! I've been blogging for 1 year already. Check out my first post here. (That is my real first post except that "HELLO WORLD" testing post :P) I don't want to recap for what I've been blog for the past 1 year because I want you to check it out for yourself. I gonna admit that blogging is not easy as you can see. You have to come out a good post so that you can attract people to visit your blog. For me, I just put lots of crap but still sometime, I mean, all the times, people will pop in too. I started to blog because I was attracted to LiewCF who earn money from blogging. From that moment on, I was hooked up with this blogging things.

So you would like to ask me how much already I've earn so far. Honestly, I didn't earn any from Adsense but I earn some from Smorty.com (I got my first money through blogging from them), then PayPerPost.com and also Payu2blog.com. Grand total that I've earn from them so far is USD172.47 and that is not including the fee of this blog domain. Look, I didn't pay a single cent from my own pocket for this blog. This blog are totally self generate money (but you must work hard for it lah).

Also while blogging, I get to know others bloggers. I've meet them in real life too.

My blog, from no PageRank (since this blog is still new), up to PageRank 2, then get smack by Google for getting 'curang' (infidel) with PayPerPost, then get back PageRank 0 (I guess this is restarting mode) and currently got PageRank 1. I still believe that I'm being DE-INDEX by Google since I can't even search my own web at Google. Doi... Kasian ni blog.

I've been changing theme for 4 times in this duration. Yet, I have to improve my layout since all of them are not align properly. I think that layout really affect the appeal of this blog and the position also are not good for my Adsense ads.

But all in all, I want to get my own hosting and use wordpress because they are kick ass! I hope this will be in reality within this year.

Oh, by the way, currently I only got USD2.21 from Adsense :(

Aha! This is how I earn through blog. Now, some advertisement for you. Anyone who planned to travel to Europe and need good hotel deals, go and visit them for they got what you want!

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kay kastum said...

Congrats buddy! One year already huh?
As for me, making money was never my intention. I made money in the process of blogging. it's really satisfying since it's like you're being rewarded for a hard work done.

My adsesne is the slowest too..I only got my first 100USD recently. But paid posting and sponsored reviews are my main ones now.

have a good one mate!

LcF said...

congrats! keep it up!

LeeJB said...