I've read a news about the movie. Out if curiosity, I tried to search on on the net. Unsurprisingly, the website is still available. I won't put up the picture here since the content is offensive in this country (Malaysia).

It is not really a movie. It is only about 15 minutes so not qualified to be called movie. I have not yet watch the whole length of it so no comment from me though. And even after I watch it, I won't comment any too . The intro is already have offending images so proceed with your own risk.

You have been warned!!!

(This movie is really not for muslim!!!)

Below is the link....

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Looking forward to visit Canada in the future?

Canada is a country occupying most of northern North America, extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. It is the world's second largest country by total area, and shares land borders with the United States to the south and northwest.

The lands have been inhabited for millennia by various groups of aboriginal peoples. Beginning in the late 15th century, British and French expeditions explored and later settled the Atlantic coast. France ceded nearly all of its colonies in North America in 1763 after the Seven Years War.

In 1867, with the union of three British North American colonies through Confederation, Canada was formed as a federal dominion of four provinces. This began an accretion of additional provinces and territories and a process of increasing autonomy from the United Kingdom, highlighted by the Statute of Westminster in 1931 and culminating in the Canada Act in 1982 which severed the vestiges of legal dependence on the British parliament.

Quote from

Some of the destination that I ever planned to go is, Canada. Why? I just want to go sightseeing there and not forgetting to take a picture of myself standing in front of Toronto CN Tower. But then, not only that.

Why did I choose to visit Canada and want to visit Toronto CN Tower? There are few experiences like a trip in the glass walled elevators at the CN Tower and a walk on the glass floor of the observation level. Quite scary but I still want to experience it. Every year, millions of visitors to Toronto are thrilled to take the ride to the the 1100 foot level. For the very adventurous, there is the additional ride up to the Sky Pod - a dizzying 1,465 feet (447 m) and I want to be part of them.

Toronto CN Tower. Looks like Petronas Twin Tower to me.

Hmm....I wonder how much it's cost to get there. I never see any travel tour agency that offers a tour to Canada. Maybe I just go there by myself in near future. Let me search Airasia if they offer a direct flight to Canada. No, forget them. Malaysia Airlines may have them. So, now, do you fancy to go Canada already? You might as well get the travel addict virus transmitted from me. Hehehe.......

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Desperate student

Have you been so desperate to answer to all of the question in the exam? I did once. The answer similar to those below.

Clearly this student are clever enough in expanding equation. See below.

I've done this one too. Since my class Add maths teacher change four times in two years, so this is the result.

This one is the result of too much movie.

Artistic view got in the way. Hahahha...

Now he can identify Bruce Wayne is actually Batman by using calculus!

The picture says it. This fella is a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

This one are the great one. Hope the desperate student still alive.

Very funny!

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Final days at Kuala Lumpur

No internet access for the last six days. I'm reconsidering to get Celcom broadband at that moment. Imagine the suffering thinking of my abandoned assignment.

Missed our flight no thanks to Airasia that can't keep their word on changing the departure time. The original time of our departure time was at 7.30 pm. Then they sms-ed that the time has change to 10.40 pm. Just as we left Subang at 6.00 pm, we received another sms stated that the departure time has been reinstate back to 7.30 pm. Shot man! Apa lagi... Missed flight lah. Franticly call to their customer service line but no one answer it for 15 minutes. Then luckily, someone answer the phone. Ask us to get another flight at counter R14 at the airport. Luckily we get the last flight back to KK. tu pun hampir-hampir the officer lupa our boarding pass for the last flight. Kalau tidak, memang another day lagi di KL.

Then, another bad news for me, my blog have been put on hold by the advertising company. Hmmm.... pasal langgar terms and condition lah. Adeh.... Pasal tu lah banyak post ni beberapa jam. Sengaja cakap Bahasa Melayu. Harap-harap dia orang tidak faham. Hehehhe.....

Anyway, here is part of the missing story.

I did meet up with a Sabahan Blogger at KL.

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum. Heheheh.....

Below is what we makan for dinner at Jalan Alor (or Jalan Ah Lok?).

Can't remember all of the food name. But I remember we did order for daging payau (Deer Meat) :P

Also meet his cousin, also from Sabah. Haya... also can't remember his name. Adrian ka....

Posing worr.....

Have to take this picture as a evident to my wife that I met him and not doing other things hehehehe....

Now I know that Kay is into music. He should be a musician instead.

Then the next day while waiting for my wife arrival, I go jalan-jalan to here...

Hmmm... what a place huh? Don't ask me why. Not my idea go get here. Dead market.

My visit here is at a good timing since it is sales season for Malaysia. This is means, all shopping malls are offering a deep discount for their things. From bags to cloths even guitar shops. You can also get branded golf items such as Ping Golf or Arnold Palmer there cheap. I just regret that I didn't buy a replacement for my battered bag there. Arghhhh...

Below is another photo from the Genting short trip before I get my rest.

Inside the theme park.

Eye of Genting Highland hehehhehe...Roller coaster that my friend chicken out. LOL.

Hanging Bridge. I've walked the highest one already in Sabah.

See you at another post.

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Cheap LCD TV

This afternoon, my wife and I went to Karamunsing to survey for a guitar effect since I didn't buy the guitar effect that Kay Kastum recommend me to buy. Sorry Kay. I should bought it before I get back to KK but then, my plan gone off course and I didn't get the time to go back to Bentley. Betul-betul regret lah.

While we were there, my wife spot an LCD TV that really got an attractive price. I'm not sure how big it is but I'm very sure it's quite big enough for our room. The price is around RM2600 - Rm2900. Since she is trying to pujuk me to buy her PlayStation 3 recently, she is dreaming to play them with this gigantic ( I only exaggerating the size :P) LCD TV. Well, when you buying this LCD TV, not only that you have to get tv mount for it, you also have to get HDMI cables if the TV required it and your budget will also gone off course. As you expected, I have to say no.

Oh, by the way Kay, I did ask my friend to buy the Digitech Guitar Effect and send it to me. Hehehhe....

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Trying to apply a house for my own

Just before my wife fly to Kuala Lumpur recently, she got an offer to apply a house under a government scheme. She called me to get my approval to apply the house. The house that she want is situated at Tuaran, Sabah. We were excited since we were inform that we can get a terrace house with monthly payment as low as Rm100 per month. Then, my imagination runs wild while I was still in KL. With lavish renovation to a garden with outdoor furniture to fill them.

Then, my imagination stop abruptly. My wife called back and said that the house are fully booked and we only can apply for apartment. Apartment?! No!!! I don't want to live in an apartment. That is beyond my imagination. Maybe, this time is not our luck. Arghhhhh... Terlepas lagi peluang.....

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Fancy for my own server?

My real dream is to be a computer expert. Not only for computer alone but also in networking and data server. But then life have taken another course and here I am, stuck with water related product. Anyway, I do fancy building up a server for a gaming center. i do ever heard about Cisco networking router. Some say that they are the best but then the price is also... you know what I mean. I have not yet use them or familiar to them but I'm willing to learn about their product.

The good news is, we can get used cisco now. They did refurbished them nicely and even put a warranty on them. This is great. We can get them cheaply. Now everyone can have their own server.

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No internet access at Theme Park Hotel

There is no internet access that I can use for blogging while I was there. But then this is some of the picture that I snap during my short stay there.

This one is the front view from the window. At night, the view was spectacular and I was tempted to take picture of it. The problem is, I didn't bring tripod. Even try to hold the camera steady with my hand but I still failed. So, no night picture.

The left side view from the window. Car park.

Far side of the front view. Chinese temple. Some say that they pray at this temple before they go gambling at the Genting Casino.

Right side view. Sign road.

We did go to casino on the night that we arrive. We lose Rm50 there :( Well, at least I tried :D

Actually, I manage to get a room there with their hotel deals that only can be reach at their website. The room is better than First World Hotel room that is only slightly cheaper than Theme Park Hotel. Their room (Theme Park Hotel) is carpeted and well decorated. Suitable for those who go there to enjoy their holiday instead of gambling. :P

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Another holiday for me?

Okay, this one is a serious post. After going for a holiday that ended yesterday, I am planning for another holiday near future. This time really well planned one. I didn't satisfied with my visit to Genting recently. It's three of us and the time is too short for us there. We didn't manage to ride the roller coaster or the Space Shot. We only manage to take the "monorail" ride that is not thrill us as much as the roller coaster.

My friend chicken out ofter seeing this.

Also didn't dare to ride on this. Haya.......

The only thing that satisfied me is, I manage to visit Ripley's Believe It or Not gallery back. This time I did explore to all of the things that have been exhibit there. At least worth my money to go there. Maybe next time I go holiday with my wife. we will take travel insurance so if any problem should we encounter there, we would be protected.

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I've been living for 25 years and I have not yet do this...

My wife surely gonna kill me if she knows that I have not yet got any life insurance. I've already applied for it but my application have been rejected by them since I being honest to them by telling them that my job is a technician and that job fall into dangerous job in their job category.

I really need a life insurance quotes that at least won't charge me too high and reject my application. I better call all my friends who deals with life insurance now.

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My second home alarm has died on me

I think it is time for me to replace it. I don't expect it to have a long life since it was the cheapest car alarm that I can afford during that time. But then I need to replace it sooner since my car is vulnerable to car theft. Must replace it tomorrow! Hoping to get an alarm that have alarm system monitoring like this one. Oh.. This one is for monitoring house alarm. Wonder if I can get a car alarm with this kind of technologies. Hmmm... I must recommend this to my neighbor for their super duper expensive house.

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The silent killer

I do know that some of old houses were fitted with unhealthy material such as lead paint or arsenic contain paint. Do you know that these material is dangerous to your health and even can cause death? And, have you ever heard about mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is an asbestos-caused cancer of the serous membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs. This asbestos also commonly found in old houses usually being made for roofing and for side walls. Please check your house and replace them immediately. Prevention is better than cure.

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Business solution for company...

In business, the most hardest part is when you have to produce financial reporting. It has to be accurate and transparent. Most of the problem that you will encounter is, you don't have time to do the financial reporting since you have to focus 100% to your company sales and income. Then, worry no more. can do it for you. Just go to their site to view their full list of services.

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A home insurance for you..

Every one want to own a home for them self. Living in a world that quite dangerous now, you might need a home insurance so that your house may be protected in case of emergency. Who know that your house are in risk of fire or robbery? There is a simple solution to that risk. Go and get a home insurance quotes so that your mind will be in peace.

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It's good to be back again

Good Morning.

This is some update from me. I just check in another hotel called Capitol Hotel situated near Low Yat Plaza. Even though I can't get nice view from here, at least I get free internet access :P I'm still waiting for my friend to wake up before we go ronda-ronda KL again. So here is some photo. I didn't manage to take Petronas Twin Tower because I can't go the perfect spot for security reason (Security Guard cakap, mo ada access dari GM oh dia cakap. Temberang saja. Cakap ja bah kalau ko inda mo sia tangkap gambar.)

This is when I'm still at Berjaya Times Square Suite room. Messy!

This one during the event. The main reason why we are here. Celebrating the company 5th birthday.

Cutting cake ceremony. Kinda funny.

Outside, it was raining like cats and dogs. Yesterday and today, the weather are just perfect.

Smart tunnel.

This is where I'm blogging now.

Told you there is no fancy view from here.

My wife laptop and my morning tea.

This one for my 'kecewa' brother who didn't manage to persuade my father to admit him to this college. Nampak gambar pun boleh lah kan hehehheh.....

Segi College bebeh!

Ok, time to wake up my friend now. Want to go KLCC today.
Fancy any golf item to add to your collection? If you fancy Ping Golf, visit them to get a good item from them.

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I'm lost...

I can't do anything or plan anything now since I'm so lost here in KL. Not saying that I lost my way but I lost my sense of timing and my planning ability. I don't know why,, or it is just because I missed my wife. I will staying around Bukit Bintang for the next few days but then my budget will be off the track. For sure, I'm lost. Funny.

I didn't manage to take photo of Kl in this few days. My shoulder hurts lots so I can't bear to carry the camera bag that weigh about 3.5kg ( I did weigh it at Terminal 2 KK before I board the plane). Still hurt since 1 week ago.

I planned to go to KLCC tomorrow since I have not yet been to that place even though I been here for many times before.

I still have to catch my sleep now. My friend have been transforming to a tiger and a bear every night. Snoring like hell! As I say in the last post, I'm
really resembling like a drug addict that really need to be admitted to a drug rehab immediately. Enough typing, I'm off to bed now. (I'm so tired that I'm talking nonsense now ;P)

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Hello again, Kuala Lumpur...

I was too lazy to take photo of Kuala Lumpur again.. But then I will try to get a decent shot of twin tower tomorrow night, if I can get the right position. I did find a good spot to get it. If only I didn't get stopped by the guards. Hehehe... Landed at LCCT at 12 pm sharp (I was looking at my watch during the landing) then get our bags and buy the taxi coupon. We get Nissan Cefiro for our ride to Berjaya Times Square. Have to wait for 1 1/2 hour to get our room and finally get our first rest. Our room are situated at 38 floor. 38! LMAO! Here some of the photo...

This one taken during waiting for the plane to move out to the tarmac.

Fighting against the small G force to get this photo of Tanjung Aru which is where I lived.

Gaya Island Resort (probably).

View from my apartment window.

The landmark that I can see from my room.

Bed side photo. I have no comment for this apartment. I'm neutral. :P

And lastly...

Cloud carpet. Kinda heaven for me.....

I'm so tired because I didn't get enough sleep last night. Now I did resemble a drug addict that badly needed a drug treatment. I better stop now before I started to say something that I shouldn't say. See you again tomorrow. :P

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