What should you do while waiting for your SPM result?

I have a brother who just finished his SPM last year and he is waiting for his result this year.While he is at it, he do "college hunting". Trying to choose the best college that's suits to his needs and his ambition. If he is not doing his "college hunting", he will stay at home and watch tv.

I did give him some idea to fill up his time while waiting for the result. I guess this one also applicable to all SPM school leaver.

First the questions is.... Are you tired of surfing the internet aimlessly (yeah unless you aimlessly surf porn, kidding) and feeling dumb doing it? Do you often read others blog? Do you know who is www.joyblee.com? (<<< I made this one up :P) The most important question before you answer these question to yourself, Do you know what blog is?

Most probably you know what blog is and sometimes you heard or read that they can earn money while happily blogging for their own things. Like liewcf.com or maybe you ever heard about a full time mum 5xmom.com that earn more that your dad is earning money while staying full time at home.

My advise is, while you got plenty of time waiting for the result why don't you start a blog of your own? Maybe after you surf to their blog, most of you might think that they are problogger (only if you know what the meaning of this term) and you are just an ordinary person who didn't know about blogging at all. No. You also can do it. You don't have to be bombastic like them. You can blog about almost anything that you like. You can blog about your dogs or cats or you can go far by advertising your own talent such as in music or photography or maybe in writing. But I must warn you, if you are into politics, please do it at your own risk.

So now you want to take my advise and want to start a blog. You can get them free of charge at bloggers.com. I recommend this bloggers.com because they didn't restrict you in displaying advertisement or participating in advertising company. Go there and register yourself and start blogging away... While you at it explore all the things in there. All of them are very useful.

Now you got a blog and you want to know how to earn from them. Have you ever heard about Adsense? just go to adsense.com and register there. Be honest, I didn't know a thing about this adsense when I first join them. I did it on trial and error. Want to know more? Stay tune...

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kay kastum said...

..or else can try McDonald's.