My dissapointment about this laptop

I accidentally press enter while typing the 'title' and this post were published without any content >.<

Life been busy lately and I hardly can get enough time to update my blog. I did bought the laptop that I've blog about it at the last post but I have to admit, I really disappointed with this laptop. This laptop driver only support Windows VISTA and I can't install Windows XP into it. Everyone know that VISTA still new and not all program/software can be install to it. Surprisingly, I kinda like this operating system since it is almost identical to Macintosh but I guess Macintosh still rules... My wife like the OS but still, she want her favorite program such as Adobe Pagemaker, Coreldraw and Photoshop to be installed into the laptop. If not, she want to downgrade the laptop back to Windows XP. Dang.... I guess I just buy another laptop and just keep this laptop for my self.

Beautiful but .....(put your own words here)

My artistic shot.... (Konon lah)

My room are still in moving progress and it is almost finish. Except lots of things I must sort out and decide whether to throw away or just donate. I ran out of space to put lots of things even my SMALL tv don't have any space to sit down. What I really need now is a tv mount.

Don't let the big space fools you. I still need to put the scanner and the bulky printer on the table.

Oh.. by the way, I finished my latest jigsaw yesterday...

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kay kastum said...

it's still XP for me. Don't like the fancy stuff in Vista since it's kind of use a lot of processing power?
Even my laptop reduce all the fancy stuff to give more room for music recording.
But I'm sure you will get used to it. I know my wife do...

swordie said...

Frankly, Vista is not bad... I've been using Vista Ultimate for almost 5 or 6 months. For the the software you mentioned, it should be OK with Vista, unless you are having a really really old version of it :D

Edgar said...

great thing about vista is the support for new gaming graphic cards. imagine playing a game like watching a movie. heh. its not that i want vista for gaming purposes only la. i like the features too, especially the memory management. if you try to use a heavy program so to speak, vista releases as much background programs to accommodate your memory use.

there's much more, but thats the only thing that i discovered so far.