Love is in the air..... Everybody can go and hide....

Tomorrow marks the Valentine's Day. For those who are still single surely already booked their bouquet of roses for their loved one. Me, nahhhh... already passed lah. I will try to make a romantic dinner. Come on lah, flowers are not on Valentine's Day only because she will expect that from you. Except for youngster, she expecting that you will give her one and REALLY want one on that day (shame lah if eveyone got one but you). But for those who have 'old' minded like me, love don't have any reason to be shown. Try give her flowers on unexpected days, surely she will love it.

I will ask my colleague if he already booked a bouquet for his darling. Oh... please don't think that I'm against this giving flowers on Valentine's Day. I recommend it strongly. Just don't over do it. Can make your wallet in coma for until next paycheck.

I don't have any plan yet. Maybe I just bring her to Garden Seafood Restaurant. Hope things will go smoothly.

Google on Valentine's Day :P


Valentine's Day 2008
Ain't that sweet?

Happy Valentine's Day.

Another ads for you. :P
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kay kastum said...

have fun mate.

Aunty J said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones. I'll hv my VD dinner + dessert treat only after VD coz I find things are overly priced during VD!hehehe...