Live blogging at Palace Hotel

Here I am in my room at Palace Hotel. The room are nice since new owner take over this hotel. Everything is new. With 32 inch Plasma TV, new bed, everything lah new. The great part is, I don;t have to pay a single cent for this room. :D

I did manage to snap up some picture and I really love to upload it but now, I'm late for the seminar. It suppose to start at 8 am sharp. I'm to exhausted to wake up early for the breakfast at 6.30 am. I have to bring both of the representative from Kuala Lumpur to fishing later this evening. We will be at the bridge near the Yayasan Sabah. Got to go now.


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cindy said...

Yes, yes, yes.. post the photos! Haven't seen the inside of it since they changed management. :D