I know that you already read my post about the laptop that I recently bought for my wife and really disappointed with it. After few days adjusting to the new environment (Vista are quite different at first look), it seems that Vista are 85% like the previous Windows. Except that a few improvement and different layout. And now, I'm in love with this laptop.

I manage to get a copy of Vista compatible Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw and Pagemaker for my wife. No, not compatible to Vista but a newer version that compatible to Vista. I get them all for free!!! Heck I also manage to get Nero 8 and ACDSEE 9 FOC too. Wonder how I get it free? Just make full use of internet and you even can get free Windows cd key hehehheh......

Even though that I'm in love with the laptop, I can't, since I already given to my wife as a birthday present. Now I need my own. I almost got one for free but my lucky number didn't got lucky but instead different by one number. 8181 but show up as 8180 FIRST PRIZE!!!! Hmmm.... Hope get lucky next time.

Now my wife are happy since she can use her laptop already.
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kay kastum said...

Hmm.. if I report to BSA... I might be able tomake some free money here.. :P

LeeJB said...

Aiseh.... We share the profit mah.... 50-50... Hehehheh..... Please lah don't report.....