Escape from seminar for a while....

Hehehe.... Don't blame me. I'm not part of the participant. So here is some of the photos.

Explaining on how to repair and doing maintenance for the machine.

Careful! This things worth RM2480!

Selling tecnique.

Candid when we installing the machine. See how happy are we!

Mr Hose man!

Do you know who is this? (Answer at below)

I've been sneezing throughout the seminar. I don't know whether I'm sick or the hotel needs air cleaners for their hotel.

Answer: This is our famous opening line.

Pernah dengar Dr Noordin Darus? Dia lah pengasas RX-Water..... Hehhehhe..... If you want to know more about RX-Water : Aura Healing Water, drop me a line. It's good to know that your water filter are a good one and being installed by their own staff.

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