Disturbing CNY for me....

Yes indeed that this CNY worst than previous one. A person that I really hate the most (I hate him for the rest of my life and I curse the day that I know him) just come and visiting my house. Not only his presence were irritate me but the way he talk with his egoistic way really pissed me off. Pissed off my parents and more over, my wife.

While he is SELLING his story, I just walk in front of him staring him like the DEATH staring him and while he greet me with Kong Hei Fatt Choy, I just whack his head with a beer can that he drank, half full. Surprise? Well I tell you the truth if killing is legal, I shall kill him with my bare hand last night. Creating story that really hurt me and my wife and asking my parents for support. I swear if he ever step his foot on this house again, he will even see my darkest side of me!

(Don't argue me about taboo on CNY day. I understand and I did follow them. But when someone just walk in your house and try to create disturbance, you also will do what I do.)

Enough with that, I can say the earlier part of the day was so nice and I can say it suppose to be a very peaceful CNY for me. I did snapped some picture but i will post it up tomorrow. Yeah indeed I'm on my deadline for my task. So every one who need a boost for their business in marketing, you need this marketing pens. You can customized them for your need and give your customer the pens as a gift.

Cheers and have yourself A Merry Happy Chinese New Year

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kay kastum said...

..and a very prosperous CNY to you too buddy. Hope all turns up OK.

LeeJB said...

Everything are Ok. Thanks for the concern. As I retreated to my room after whacking him, I didn't know that the situation also turns into a war zone since all my family (that's include my uncles) also didn't like him at all. Luckily the SOB didn't traded blows with them.